Connor Olson

Connor Olson
(Anoka, MN)

from St. Francis H.S., performing Die Forelle composed by Franz Schubert.

Artistic Statement

I started out as an instrumentalist in sixth grade. I enjoyed playing music and transitioned my way through many instruments (piano, trombone, French horn, flute, saxophone, and oboe). In 9th grade, I was playing sax in the a.m. and p.m. Jazz band. A new choir director had just started teaching and he recruited me to play in the Show Choir combo the next year. It was fun traveling to competitions and performing with the group (we even won Best Combo at one of the competitions). In 11th grade, I was able to join the choir and was also selected for our madrigal group. I started alternating between choir and band every other day. That year, instead of playing in the combo, I tried out for Show Choir and was fortunate to be given the male solo. That is the moment when I fell in love with performing live! I think it is fun and exciting to feed off of the audience's energy and give them the best show that I can. I love performing music of all kinds, but I learned that I also love to sing!

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