Toni Andres

Toni Andres
(Osseo, MN)

from Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, performing Sonata for Flute and Piano composed by Francis Poulenc.

Artistic Statement

I have played my instrument for many years, and I've done the whole 'music is my hobby' shebang. From the recitals to the rehearsals with every concert and competition in between.. I've rocked that whole 'music is my hobby' shebang. And I've got the certificate-covered wall to show for it- but something just didn't feel right. I grew tired of having a hobby when I realized that I did not know what it even meant to have a hobby. I grew tired of those certificates being my life's justification. I craved inspiration. I craved meaning. That is when I discovered performance. I began to see things differently and wanted my music's to not end after it reached the listeners' ears, but to expand. I wanted to evoke a sense of discovery and understanding deep within those who listened to me. In performance, it is all about the preservation of purity. Music in its purest form must be preserved. The established relationship between player and listener is pure must be preserved. I love performing because it offers me an outlet to care for music in a light that, in my opinion, gives my actions meaning. Performing offers a chance to give music the life it so rightfully deserves: a life that can expand and inspire others that it is shared with. I think the spread of inspiration is a beautiful thing. I am fortunate to be a part of such a process. That is why I love performing.

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