Caroline Donaldson
(Eden Prairie, MN)

from University of Northwestern, St. Paul Orchestra, performing Harp Concerto in B Flat Major Mvt. 1 Allegro moderato composed by George Fredrick Handel.

Artistic Statement

As a harpist, it is my goal to share the gift of beautiful music with the world. As I practice and perform, I remind myself that I do this not only for my own pleasure but for the joy of others. Music is a stunning form of art. It is the art of sound and a blessing that needs to be shared with others. My dream is to one day become a professional harpist who can offer my talent and gifting. I desire to perform and provide music that inspires and grows in others the same passion for music that I have. Additionally, I hope to one day teach budding musicians to play with talent and more importantly appreciate music as much as I do. For as Victor Hugo once stated, "Music expresses that which cannot remain silent and that which cannot be put into words."

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