Haley Diers

Haley Diers
(Fargo, MN)

from Fargo Davies, performing Poem composed by Charles T. Griffes.

Artistic Statement

I chose to learn and perform Poem, by Charles T. Griffes, because the piece tells a colorful story full of many diverse characters. The melody is at times innocent and childlike, yet haunting. At other times it is a whirlwind of sound and emotion. The rich chords underlying the melody add a tone of darkness. The composition's changing meter and rich, complex chords add texture and color that is intriguing to the ear. I first heard this piece at the 2014 Interlochen Summer Flute Institute, where I was captivated from the opening line to the last, lingering chord. I also chose to learn this piece because it presented me with great challenges and new opportunities to explore more about the flute. I further developed skills in the use of vibrato, fluidity, and rhythm. Because of the song's wide range and dynamic contrast, I also learned how to play at different volumes in different octaves of the flute. By playing this piece, I have refined my technical and lyrical skills as a flutist and explored my musicianship at a deeper level.

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