Imala Witherspoon

Imala Witherspoon
(Minneapolis, MN)

from Main Street School of Performing Arts, performing Rhapsody No. 2 composed by Bela Bartok.

Artistic Statement

I chose Bartok's Second Rhapsody because it is a truly fantastic piece of music that I feel is not appreciated to the extent that it could be; it is an uncommon piece. Before my teacher assigned me this piece, I had never heard of it, nor seen it performed; as soon as I heard it performed for the first time, I fell in love with its many vibrant colors and moods within the layers of this brilliant piece. It takes the shape of a folk tune, and displays all great qualities of modern music. It has become a favorite of mine, and I enjoy being able to focus on the journey of the music, and the many characters that are within the structure of this rhapsody. I feel that this is a piece that everyone can appreciate, because it has so many colors within it; it is a true journey to be able to play it. It is capturing and enchanting.

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