Trio Tesoro (Sarrah Bushara, Luca Tallarini, Cole Thompson)

Trio Tesoro (Sarrah Bushara, Luca Tallarini, Cole Thompson)
(Minneapolis, MN)

from Saint Paul Conservatory of Music, performing Trio in G Minor composed by Aram Khachaturian.

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Artistic Statement

Trio Tesoro - Luca, Sarrah, and Cole - formed in 2013 with the mutual goal of performing at their highest possible level while laughing, throwing pencils at each other, and digressing into matters eclectic, scientific, eccentric, and Pokemon. They are drawn to the Khachaturian trio for its exotic sounds and opportunities for high musical drama. Performing allows these three very distinct young adults to create something personal and new every time they meet, and they enjoy rising to the challenge and growing as an ensemble. They also take pleasure in knowing they are the only chamber group in the Twin Cities Metro to be named after a gas station.

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