Scottie Schwefel

Scottie Schwefel
(Excelsior, MN)

from Minnetonka High School Theatre and Minnetonka Concert Choir, performing Not For The Life of Me from Thoroughly Modern Millie composed by Jeanine Tesori/Dick Scanlan.

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Artistic Statement

I love to perform because I'm the happiest when I'm singing. There's no better feeing in the world than getting lost in a song, or being the reason for someone else's getting lost. Music has that uncanny ability to transport people and reveal emotions they didn't even know they have. Every song means something different to every person, and everyone has the opportunity to lose himself or herself in the music. It's amazing to think that when I'm performing, the audience can be transported by a song just like I am. Being lost in an emotion or a particular piece (or allowing others to be lost) is what makes me happy, and that's why I love to perform.

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