Samuel Hoch

Samuel Hoch
(Eden Prairie, MN)

Perpich Center for Arts Education

Artistic Statement

What are your goals as a composer? Throughout my journey as a composer, a wide spectrum of genres has intrigued me. Engaged listening and keeping an open mind are so important to me when I take in influences. Generally speaking, I am more drawn towards new, unique sounds. My interest in new sounds and textures has lead me to developing my own personal style. Modern classical music and electronic music are broad genres that I am most interested in. By filtering these influences through classical notation and instrumentation, I create expressionistic pieces. My goal as a composer is to develop a distinct artistic voice through a variety of musical approaches. I really enjoy collaborating with other artists. With any composition, inspiration from other artistic mediums is a key component to my process. Project-oriented collaboration with other artists is an approach that I will continue throughout my life as a musician. The next couple of years, I will study music technology in college. Learning music technology through this academic lens, combined with my focus in composition, will progress my voice as a musician. Whether it's finding new influences, working with other types of artists, or studying music technology in a university setting, I will further develop my artistic voice through differing approaches.

And To Forget, Forget

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