Louisa Byron

Louisa Byron
(Waseca, MN)

GTCYS, Artaria Chamber Music School, MacPhail Center of Music.

Artistic Statement

I have an hour and a half drive to where I participate in all of my music activites. During this drive, I started to concentrate on the snow on the trees,, the snowmen in the backyards, and the christmas lights on buildings. This got me to think about different melodies that would be passed around from different instruments. Winter is full of blustery winds and many storms, but it is also full of wonder and imagination. Originally, my piece was going to be named, The Dawn of Winter, but that ended up sounding too harsh for my composition. The word "winter" has a different effect on people than the word "snow" or the "first snow." I decided to go with a more cheerful title because I wanted to portray the wonder and imagination that the children would have when they would make their first snowman or have their first snow fight. Although, I did include the "ugly" side of winter by having an intense part in my piece to represent the storms and the blustery winds. How could I not represent this part of winter when I live in Minnesota! I enjoyed writing this piece so much because it challenged me to write for instruments, such as the french horn, that I had never written for. Writing this piece really made me concentrare on nature and how people feel during this time of year.

First Snow

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