MPR News explores how changing our food culture could help cure obesity.

Food literacy

Food quiz

How much do you know about what you eat? Test your nutrition knowledge.

Smart shopping

MPR's Tom Crann tours a supermarket with expert on making healthy and affordable food choices.

Food culture

Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of The Splendid Table, offers tips on healthy cooking and feeding picky kids.


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Interactive: What's in your fridge?

If we are what we eat, then our refrigerators say a lot about us. Send us a photo of your fridge to add to this gallery.


Minnesota Idea Open

Minnesota Public Radio News reported this series as part of a project being directed by the Minnesota Community Foundation. Along with other partners, the foundation has launched a contest -- the Minnesota Idea Open -- that asks Minnesotans to offer ideas to help combat obesity in their communities. Implementation of the winning idea is funded with a cash award. April 9 is the last day to submit ideas. For more information visit: