Map Drag the light rail train to the stops along University Ave. to learn more about each neighborhood. Blue stops have feature stories.


The view from Prospect Park

Residents in this Minneapolis neighborhood say Central Corridor isn't that big a deal compared to the construction of Interstate 94 in the 1960s.

The car culture

The automobile still rules on University Avenue, but it may one day have to share the street with trains — yet again.

An entertainment destination

University Avenue has a history as an entertainment destination and a gathering place that changes with the times.

Shuang Hur Supermarket Immigrants always welcome

The east end of University Avenue reflects the rich cultural diversity of the people who live and work here, and give this section of the avenue its distinct character.

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Discuss the future of University Avenue

Discuss the future of University Avenue

What commentaries, memories and photos do you have about University Avenue? Share them with us.


Audio slideshow

Wing Young Huie

Wing shares his photos

Renowned Minnesota photographer Wing Young Huie is working on a new installation highlighting life along University Ave. "The Language of Urbanism: A Six-Mile Photographic Inquiry," will be complete in 2010.


Rondo neighborhood

The Rondo neighborhood

A history of the Rondo neighborhood, excerpt of a documentary produced by Twin Cities Public Television. Narrated by historian Hy Berman. Copyright 1991, used with permission.

University Avenue businesses

University storefronts

Photographer Bill Alkofer took a photo of every storefront on the north side of University Ave. between Rice and Dale Streets.

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