Tens of thousands of Somalis escaped a brutal civil war, and now call Minnesota home. These are the stories of young Somalis confronting violence in their community, and struggling with the psychological scars that the bloodshed in their homeland left behind.

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Audio: In their own words

Somalis in Minnesota share their stories of struggle and triumph.

Nimco AhmedNimco Ahmed

A community activist and policy aide with the Minneapolis City Council.

Abdulkadir SharifAbdulkadir Sharif

A former gang member and youth counselor at the Minnesota Da'Wah Institute.

Raho WarsameRaho Warsame

A 51-year-old single mother of four children and housing property manager.

Abdulahi FarahAbdulahi Farah

Coordinator of the Salaam Project, aimed at reducing violence among high-risk youth.

Zuhur AhmedZuhur Ahmed

A community activist, aspiring doctor, and host of KFAI's "Somali Community Link."

Somalis in Minnesota

More Somalis live in Minnesota than anywhere in the United States. Here is a closer look at how Somali refugees fit in to Minnesota's history of immigration.

Who is al-Shabaab?


More about the violent Islamist guerilla group in Somalia that allegedly recruited Twin Cities men.

About Laura Yuen

Laura Yuen

MPR's Laura Yuen has spent more than a year reporting on Minnesota's Somali community. She initially focused on the investigation of young men who allegedly went to Somalia to fight with an extremist group. Her interest in Somali youth inspired "Civil War Kids."

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