How education financing affects a whole community

by Michael Caputo, Minnesota Public Radio
November 19, 2009

Moorhead residents say that their schools readily compete with others, especially just across the river in Fargo. So when the community rejects a tax levy increase for the schools, how does that affect the district's competitive edge?

And will that make families think twice about staying in the Moorhead school district.

MPR News convened seven people to talk about the fallout from the Moorhead school district's financing situation. It wasn't face-to-face, but in a "virtual forum" where they came together.

The forum included a former area teacher and someone who homeschools; those who supported the tax levy and those who opposed it. There were also comments from people outside the invitees, and the conversation ranged beyond Moorhead's situation to those that affect all schools.

You can replay the discussion below: