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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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Attorney General

The attorney general's race was thrown into some turmoil when Matt Entenza, the DFL-endorsed candidate for the office, dropped his candidacy on July 18, setting off a flurry of last-minute filings for the September primary. Five candidates are now in the race, including the top deputy to current Attorney General Mike Hatch, a former Congressman and an unsuccessful candidate for governor. The Republican candidate, Rep. Jeff Johnson, is waiting in the wings, no doubt enjoying the upheaval on the DFL side. Entenza's candidacy got into trouble after he acknowledged that he hired a private research company to look into Mike Hatch. — Melanie Sommer

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Audio MPR's Midmorning A.G. debate. (10/10/06)

Withdrawn Candidates

Sharon Anderson (R)

Document Matt Entenza (D)
Document Steve Kelley (D)

Document Bill Luther (D)

A group of state lawmakers, civil rights leaders and business owners is getting behind a proposal that would make it harder for local governments to take private property from one group and give it to another private entity. (01/05/2006)
Two days after Attorney General Mike Hatch entered the governor's race, the top Democrat in the Minnesota House has announced he's running for Hatch's job. (10/26/2005)
A debate in the Minnesota House started as an attempt to place certain cold remedies behind pharmacy counters, to make it harder for meth manufacturers to obtain the pseudoephedrine crucial to making their drugs. It ended with a sweeping ban on many everyday medications. (04/22/2005)
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