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Session 2004

Session 2004: Social Services

Advocates for the poor, the lower income and the disabled are expected to call on the Legislature to restore some of the cuts made to social service programs. Several groups say they want the state to eliminate required co-pays on prescription drugs for those enrolled in the state's health insurance programs. Others say they will lobby the Legislature to restore cuts to funding that helped parents care for children with disabilities. -- Tom Scheck

A new Minnesota Public Radio - St. Paul Pioneer Press poll says a majority of Minnesotans are opposed to legalizing gay marriage, but the poll also shows Minnesotans are split on whether they want to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage. (02/05/2004)
Minnesota plunged 25 places in a state-by-state ranking of the subsidies available to families needing child care, according to a report by several child advocacy groups. (01/29/2004)
Sen. Linda Berglin said Friday she plans to introduce legislation that would delay some cuts to the disabled poor. (11/21/2003)
West Central Industries provides job services for disabled people and also offers employment in sheltered workshops. Given state and county budget cuts, the organization might have to scale back its offerings. (11/20/2003)
Two Minnesota lawmakers say they'll introduce legislation that would allow voters to decide whether the constitution should be amended to say that a marriage is a civil contract between a man and a woman. (11/20/2003)