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Median age: 43
School age: 19%
Age 65+: 16%
Percent below poverty: 10%
Per capita income: $18,597
Median housing value: $90,003
Percent unemployed: 3%
Percent minority: 5%
Percent college graduate: 11%
Percent less than high school diploma: 10%

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Congress: 8th District

Few areas have beene so staunchly DFL as Minnesota's 8th District. But there are signs that things are changing. In 2000, issues such as gun control and the environment appeared to move things to a more Republian leaning. George W. Bush lost the 8th District to Al Gore, but by a comparatively small margin from previous elections. That's compared to previous years when statewide DFL candidates began their campaigns with the assumption that the 8th was theirs, and campaign strategies focused their attention in more "swing" districts.

The 8th District, which includes communities such as Duluth, Hibbing, Virginia, and Eveleth, historically is a blue-collar district. Life today is often difficult, as employment is well below the 1970s level. Factories are closing and mines are shutting down.

About 28.4 percent of residents in the 8th district make a living as doctors, lawyers, managers and other professionals and 24.5 percent work in 9 to 5 office jobs as salespeople, administrative assistants or secretaries, for example. Another 17.1 percent are employed in transportation and production, jobs courted by powerful unions. Median household income is $39,952 a year and the median value of a home is $92,300. Married couples make up 56 percent of the district's households, and those with children represent 23.5 percent.

McCollum's view of Iraq
Rep. Betty McCollum, DFL-Minn., has returned from a trip to Iraq. During her visit, a wave of coordinated attacks took place, some targeting the Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad, killing more than 35 people. She also visited Mosul, in northern Iraq, where she and other members of her delegation with the House International Relations committee met with members of the 101st Airborne Division. Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with McCollum.
Kennedy remarks on Iraq
Minnesota 6th district republican Congressman Mark Kennedy talks about his recent trip to Iraq, and the major issues facing Congress this fall.
Tolls for thee, Minnesota?
In the next couple of years, Minnesotans could be paying tolls to use certain metropolitan highway lanes. State and federal lawmakers are considering plans to charge lane fees to relieve congestion and fund new road projects. The proposal is part of a mix of highway development and financing plans announced by Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration and legislators from both parties.

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