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Regional Development Advisory Council

The public is invited to meetings about MPR stations WSCD, WSCN, WIRC, WIRR, WIRN, WGGL, WGRH, WINH, WMLS, and WLSN. These biannual meetings are scheduled to meet in March and September. For further information, call 218-722-9411.

Regional Development Advisory Council members

  • Melanie Grune, Chair
  • Paul Loraas, Vice Chair
  • Annie Dugan, Secretary
  • Linda Boben
  • Don Davison
  • Lori Huska
  • Peter Jeronimus
  • Amy Johnson
  • Jeannette Lange
  • Scott Neff
  • Steve Piragis
  • Mickey Pearson
  • Carol Person

For more information about the RDAC, please contact Patty Mester at 218-722-9411 or pmester@mpr.org.

See the Events Calendar for all Minnesota Public Radio events and activities.

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Cathy Nevanen, Account Executive: cnevanen@mpr.org
Dan Kraker, News Bureau Chief: dkraker@mpr.org
Alicia Gaskin, Member Services: agaskin@mpr.org

If you have information or suggestions for news stories, contact Dan Kraker at 218-722-9411 or dkraker@mpr.org.

For information on how to get your business message on-air or on the MPR Web site, contact Cathy Nevanen at 218-722-9411 or cnevanen@mpr.org.

For all other inquiries, contact Patty Mester at 218-722-9411 or pmester@mpr.org.

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Established: Sept 2011
Station power: 18,500 watts
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