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HD Radio

Minnesota Public Radio is now broadcasting all three of our services—News, Classical and The Current—on HD Radio in several communities throughout the state. In the Twin Cities, we're also multicasting Classical 24®, BBC News and More, Radio Heartland™, and a music service from The Current for kids and their grown-ups called Wonderground Radio™.

Wonderground Radio

 89.3 KCMP HD2


Classical 24

 99.5 KSJN HD2

Radio Heartland™

 91.1 KNOW HD2


BBC News and More

 91.1 KNOW HD3

News & Events

News & Events

The public is invited to a Twin Cities Community Advisory Council meeting about MPR stations KNOW, KSJN and KCMP. This will be held at the Minnesota Public Radio headquarters, 480 Cedar St., St. Paul, MN, Thursday, October 22, 2015 from 6:00-7:30 pm. For more information, please contact Stephen Schreiber at 651-290-1303 or by email to

Twin Cities Community Advisory Council members

  • Barbara Klass
  • Dawn Frederick
  • Merry Mattson
  • Jo Ann Musumeci
  • Eric Waage
  • Pamela Harris
  • Jane Austin
  • Jayne Hager Dee
  • Justin Kwong
  • Esam Aal
  • Nick Koch
  • Tom McGoldrick
  • Nancy Peters Sparrow
  • Colin Thomsen
  • Chelsey Oosterhuis
  • Rand Park
  • Ellen Roos
  • Loralee DiLorenzo
  • Manny Gutierrez
  • Alison Heebsh
  • Martha Kelly
  • Claire Thoen
  • Dylan Galos
  • Nan hackett
  • George Deliduka
  • Luis Garcia
  • Jess Durrant
  • Molly Pruess
  • Tyler Anderson
  • Jason Waye
  • Emily Holtz

See the Events calendar for all Minnesota Public Radio events and activities.

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480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

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Established: Nov 1979
Station power: 100,000 watts
Program schedule
Public inspection files

Established: Apr 1967
Station power: 100,000 watts
Program schedule
Public inspection files

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KSJN 93.1 Hinckley

Established: Jan 2005
Program schedule
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Translator stations
KCMP 95.3 Blue Earth
KCMP 97.5 Hinckley
KCMP 95.3 and 105.1 Mankato
KCMP 95.3 New Ulm
KCMP 94.1 Pine City
KCMP 93.5 St. Peter