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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document You've Got To 'Comb' Together To Solve This One
In this week's puzzle, we'll give you a category. Every answer must start with each of the letters C-O-M-B-S.
Document 'Soviet Daughter': How A Great-Grandmother's Diary Became A Graphic Novel
After her beloved great-grandmother's death, author Julia Alekseyeva discovered her memoirs, bursting with rich details of her life in the USSR enduring wars, pogroms, and purges.
Document 'Goodnight Moon' Author Margaret Wise Brown Was No Old Lady Whispering Hush
Nevermind that she didn't like kids all that much — Brown wrote books they adored. One of her previously unpublished picture books has just come out, as has a new biography of this brave, bold author.
Document How Roommates Can Disagree On Politics â And Stay Friends
Alexandra Uriarte and Steven Cruz are friends and roommates, but they have very different politics that can lead to heated — yet civil — arguments. They talk about how they manage to get along.
Document She Was Shielded Under DACA, Now Worried What Trump May Do
Ciriac Alvarez Valle was brought to the U.S. from Mexico as a young child. Now a senior at The University of Utah, she has fears about the future of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
Document Treating 'Imaginary Illness' In 'Is It All In Your Head?'
Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with neurologist Suzanne O'Sullivan about her new book <em>Is It All In Your Head?</em> O'Sullivan chronicles the stories of patients she's diagnosed with psychosomatic disorders.
Document Yes, 'World's Largest Nerf Gun' Is An Actual World Record. This Engineer Made It
Mark Rober designed a huge Nerf gun to win an office Nerf war. He talks to NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about how he designed it, and what happens when you get hit with a pool noodle at 40 mph.
Document Brazilian Soccer Team Returns To The Field After Deadly Airplane Crash
The soccer team of Chapeco, Brazil lost most of its members in an air crash last year. The team recently returned to the field for the first time in an emotional moment for the game's fans.
Document How To Use Math To Pick A Favorite Football Team
If your team leaves town, don't cry. Just pick a new team to root for. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks to FiveThirtyEight's Blythe Terrell about the math analysis that led her to find her new team.
Document Examining Obama's Legacy On Race Relations, And What To Expect From Trump
Journalist Debra Dickerson, <em>GQ</em> columnist Damon Young and <em>Wall Street Journal</em> columnist Jason Riley address questions of race after President Obama and looking forward to President Trump.
Document A Texas Border Town Mayor's Take On Immigration, Trade And The Wall
Pete Saenz is the mayor of Laredo, Texas, a town along the U.S.-Mexico border. He voted for President Trump, but as he tells Lulu Garcia-Navarro, he has a different take on immigration and the wall.
Document Women's Marchers In Los Angeles Hope To Lead The Fight Against Trump Administration
California political leaders have positioned the state as the center of opposition to the Trump agenda. Protesters at the Los Angeles Women's March talked about what that means to them.
Document A Look Back At Other Marches In History, And What They Accomplished
This weekend's Women's March was particularly massive. Harvard Kennedy School of Government professor Leah Wright Rigueur discusses its significance and how it compares to other marches in history.
Document Voices Of Women's Marchers Across The Country
Dozens of Women's Marches took place across the U.S. and the world Saturday on President Trump's first full day in office.
Document Pat Buchanan On 'America First' Under Trump
In President Trump's inaugural address, he promised an "America First" vision of government. Former Republican adviser Pat Buchanan, who also used the phrase, talks about what to expect.

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