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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document After Katrina, One Sister Moves On; For Another, 'Tomorrow Never Came'
Two New Orleans sisters who lost their home and sheltered in the sweltering, squalid Superdome followed very different paths in the storm's wake.
Document Obama To Detail Tougher Plan To Fight Climate Change
President Obama will unveil climate change regulations Monday, expected to set tougher limits on coal than previously proposed. NPR's Scott Horsley previews the announcement with host Rachel Martin.
Document In Seoul, Where Everything Moves Fast, There's Also Longing For The Past
In recent weeks, NPR's Ari Shapiro has been reporting from Seoul. He's found South Koreans take great pride in their country's progress over the past 50 years, but it's often tempered by nostalgia.
Document Mormons Face A Painful Loss If The Church Severs Boy Scout Ties
Scouting has been the official program for Mormon boys for more than 100 years, but that may change after a vote allowing openly gay leaders. A Brigham Young professor says a split would be wrenching.
Document Colombia's La Momposina Sings A Tangled Social History
On this week's Alt Latino, we spend time with an album from Colombian singer Tot&oacute; la Momposina. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with NPR's Felix Contreras about <em>Tambolero.</em>
Document NFL's First Female Coach Raises The Perennial 'Distraction' Question
Will the NFL's first female coach be a "distraction" for the Arizona Cardinals or merely a distraction for the media? NPR's Rachel Martin talks sensationalism in sports with Slate's Mike Pesca.
Document 'Best Of Enemies': When Televised Verbal Fireworks Were A Novelty
A new documentary chronicles the famed Gore Vidal-William F. Buckley debates and the beginnings of TV political punditry. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with directors Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon.
Document Less-Addictive Opioids Could Boost Drug Firms' Image
Drug users are testing opioids that are less prone to abuse than current drugs. David Crow of the <em>Financial Times</em> tells NPR's Rachel Martin the drugs could also boost profits for pharmaceutical firms.
Document Better Pack Your Duffle Before A Duel With This Puzzle
Every answer this week is a six-letter word that contains two consecutive F's. Use each anagram of the other four letters to find the full six-letter word.
Document Caught In The Act: Joke-Stealing In The Age Of Twitter
When comics tell jokes about the news, they're bound to come up with similar punch lines. But comedy writer Larry Getlen says that, while joke theft does happen, it's still rare.
Document In Utah, 'Book Of Mormon' Strikes A Chord
The Tony Award-winning musical, <em>The Book of Mormon</em>, opened in Salt Lake City last week. The sendup of missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is getting a rousing reception.
Document Could Biden Catch Clinton In A White House Bid?
Host Rachel Martin speaks with William Pierce, executive director of the the Draft Biden PAC, about reports that the vice president is mulling a 2016 run.
Document Nusra Front Attacks U.S.-Backed Syrian Fighters
The Syrian insurgent group affiliated with al-Qaeda has attacked U.S.-backed Syrian fighters. NPR's Rachel Martin gets the details from Anne Barnard of the New York Times.
Document Scientists Make The Case For A 6th Taste &mdash; But It's Less Than Tasty
They call it "oleogustus," or the taste for fat. But nutrition scientist Rick Mattes says it's far from delicious. Found in rancid food, it's often an unpleasant warning.
Document Luther Campbell Of 2 Live Crew On Fame, Obscenity And Community
Before joining the notoriously shocking rap crew, Campbell was a party-rocking DJ in Miami. Even then, he knew that being aggressively different could lead to success.

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