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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document Oakland Fire At Warehouse Party Kills At Least 9
A fire at a warehouse in Oakland, California — the scene of a large party Friday night — has killed at least nine people.
Document Christian Refugees Fleeing ISIS Grounds Flock To Parish Of Jordan Priest
A Catholic priest in Jordan has turned his parish into a haven for Christian refugees from ISIS areas of northern Iraq. It's a home for them before many go to the west.
Document Nestle Says It's Found A Way To Reduce Sugar In Chocolate By 40 Percent
Nestles announces a scientific breakthrough that will allow it to greatly cut the amount of sugar in its chocolate without affecting the taste.
Document With A Triple-Double Rivaling Robertson, Russell Westbrook Drives Oklahoma Thunder's Wins
With the NBA season well under way, Mike Pesca of the Gist podcast for Slate tells NPR's Ailsa Chang what makes Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma Thunder so outstanding.
Document 2016 Philanthropy Trends: Americans Donate Record $373 Billion
It's not GoFundMe or Crowdrise but megadonors who are behind the rise in charitable giving. NPR's Ailsa Chang hears from Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies about the downside to this.
Document Marching Flute And Fantasy Fiction: The Education Of Lizzo
The Minneapolis singer and rapper spent her early life deep in the Pentecostal church — and shut away from secular music. When she moved to Houston, Texas, everything changed.
Document Chef Behind General Tso's Chicken Dies
The man who gave the world General Tso's Chicken has died. Peng Chang-kuei was 97.
Document Too Close To Call, Austrian Presidential Election Could Mean Far-Right Presidency
The Freedom Party's populist candidate, who's drawn comparisons to Hitler, could win the presidency in today's election re-run, becoming Europe's first far-right head of state since World War II.
Document Supreme Court Gets Involved In Redistricting
Gerrymandering is a venerable American tradition. NPR's Ailsa Chang gets the latest on court challenges to this practice from Nicholas Stephanopoulos, a lawyer for a plaintiff in one of the cases.
Document 'Red Car' Exposes Unsettling Side To Life's Listlessness
The Red Car, the latest novel by Marcy Dermansky, features a protagonist who's haunted by a former boss. NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Dermansky about the fantastical and dark novel.
Document Amid Revamp Efforts, Georgia Superintendent Explains Her School's Corporal Punishment Policy
The US education secretary wants all schools to abandon corporal punishment. NPR's Ailsa Chang gets reaction from superintendent Juli Alligood of Laurens County, Georgia, which still allows paddling.
Document Stepping Into 'Talking As Fast As I Can' Again Is Like Sense Memory For Actor Lauren Graham
Lauren Graham is the fast-talking Lorelei Gilmore, on Gilmore Girls, a role she recently reprised on Netflix. She tells NPR's Ailsa Chang about her memoir, Talking As Fast As I Can.
Document Tips For The Family Wallet
Talking about money with family can be tricky. Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist for the Washington Post, shares tips with NPR's Ailsa Chang and answers listener questions.
Document Trump-Taiwan Call Signals Trade Implications, Distancing From Traditional Allies
Princeton professor Aaron Friedberg, a former Asian affairs adviser to vice president Cheney, shares his concerns about Donald Trump's China policy with NPR's Ailsa Chang.
Document Study: Older Smokers Can Still Significantly Lower Risk Of Death If They Quit
Researcher Sara Nash tells NPR's Ailsa Chang why it's never to late to quit smoking. She's one of the authors of a new NIH-AARP study.

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