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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document Boston Finds That Quality Preschool Is Worth The Effort
Policymakers are weighing the costs and benefits of universal preschool, trying to determine what works in the classroom. One of the places they're looking is Boston.
Document Caring For Wounded Vet A Burden Family Gladly Shares
Craig Remsburg's son, Army Ranger Cory Remsburg, was serving in Afghanistan when he was wounded by a roadside bomb in 2009. Since then it has been the family's mission to get Cory back to health.
Document Lawmaker Says U.S. Must Go Beyond Sanctions With Russia
After Russia took over Crimea last month, the U.S. passed economic sanctions against Russia. But Republican Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says that is not good enough.
Document Book Tells Of Life As A Perennial Co-Star, Almost Famous
NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Judy Greer about the pitfalls of semi-celebrity, as depicted in her new memoir, <em>I Don't Know What You Know Me From.</em>
Document Evidence Against Boston Bombing Suspect Is Plentiful
As the anniversary of last year's marathon bombing approaches, NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with correspondent Carrie Johnson about the investigation and legal wrangling yet to come.
Document Putin Could Send Europe Scrambling For Energy Sources
As Russian President Putin threatens to disrupt Europe's natural gas supplies, energy expert Jonathan Stern tells NPR's Rachel Martin that the continent has no short-term alternative to Russian gas.
Document Lovers' Relationship Is Online Only In 'Hank And Asha'
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with husband and wife film-making duo James Duff and Julia Morrison about their new film, <em>Hank and Asha.</em>
Document Characters Try On Different Cultures In 'Other Language'
NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Francesca Marciano about her new book, <em>The Other Language</em>, a collection of stories about characters experiencing new cultures and taking on new identities.
Document Drug Courts Help Addicts Recover â But May Cost Them Their Rights
Drug courts were established 25 years ago, transforming the legal response to drug addicts. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to West Huddleston, CEO of an association of drug court professionals.
Document Book Of War Photos Is 'Testament' To Slain Journalist's Work
Three years ago, photojournalist Chris Hondros was killed in Libya. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with Jonathan Klein, co-founder of Getty Images, about a new book of Hondros' searing photographs.
Document French Firms Tell Workers To Unplug After Hours. World Is Jealous
In France, some companies are making an effort to limit off-the-clock emails between workers, telling them to "disconnect from remote communications tools" for no less than 13 hours a day.
Document Armed Pro-Russian Men Hold Police Station In Eastern Ukraine
In Ukraine, special forces are trying to take back the city of Slovyansk from encroaching pro-Russian militants. Correspondent Ari Shapiro gives NPR's Rachel Martin the latest.
Document Throw-Back Harmonies Blend The Secret Sisters
Growing up in a church without access to musical instruments, Laura and Lydia Rogers learned the power of vocal harmony. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with the duo called The Secret Sisters.
Document Media Should Reflect A Profane Society, Critic Says
Swear words are generally a no-go in the media. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Jesse Sheidlower, president of the American Dialect Society, about why we need more obscenities in our daily lives.
Document One Word To Rule Them All, And In The Puzzle Bind Them
Three words that start with the same letter will be presented in a group. Find a word that shares the same first letter as the three, and that can follow each word to forma new compound word.

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