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Document For Americans Seeking Affordable Degrees, German Schools Beckon
More and more Americans are pursuing graduate degrees in Germany, where tuition is often free and many classes are taught in English.
Document Two Years After Deadly Wildfire, Are There Lessons In The Ashes?
The Yarnell Hill Fire in June 2013 was one of the deadliest incidents for wildland firefighters in American history. Nineteen of the Granite Mountain Hotshots died — many inside their fire shelters.
Document Long Before Same-Sex Marriage, 'Adopted Son' Could Mean 'Life Partner'
Civil rights leader Bayard Rustin and his life partner, Walter Naegle, wanted to legally protect their relationship. But it was the early 1980s, when marriage wasn't an option — and adoption was.
Document 2 Brothers And A Team Of Mules Tackle The Historic Oregon Trail
Journalist Rinker Buck had a crazy idea — and a brother with a knack for driving mules. His new memoir recounts what happened when the two very different men set off in a covered wagon.
Document In Viennese Media Center, Iranian Journalists Dance Delicately Around Pitfalls
Western reporters are working alongside Iranian media during numerous rounds of nuclear talks — the latest of which are taking place this week. What does their work tells us about Iran's culture?
Document Part Of The Landscape For Decades, Pumpjacks Remain Essential In Shale Fields
From south Texas to North Dakota, pumpjacks are a symbol of life in American oil fields. <em>This story originally aired on</em> All Things Considered<em> on April 15, 2015.</em>
Document Euphoria In The Streets: New York City's Pride Festival Celebrates Marriage Equality
Rain hasn't put a damper on the celebrations across the city, NPR's Alexandra Starr reports. Some two million people are expected to hit the streets for Gay Pride events days after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.
Document Do Try This At Home: Hacking Ribs â In The Pressure Cooker
Tender, smoky, fall-off-the-bone ribs can take three or four hours to make the traditional way. But Baltimore chef Shirl&eacute; Koslowski uses a pressure cooker to get all that flavor in only an hour.
Document Where There's A Will There's A Way To Solve This Puzzle
For every word provided (all starting with the letter "W"), give a proverb or saying that contains that word.
Document Ukraine's Double Woes: War And Runaway Inflation
Beyond the battlefront in the east, the Ukrainian government is fighting a war to reform a monumentally corrupt, dysfunctional economy. For now, Ukrainians seem willing to weather 60 percent inflation.
Document 7 Years After Kosovo's Independence, A Border Still Fraught With Tension
Kosovo gained independence from Serbia less than a decade ago. The two have not yet reconciled, which is apparent when crossing the border between the countries.
Document Homegrown Threat: FBI Tracks White Supremicists, Domestic Extremists
Michael German spent 16 years in the FBI, going undercover with neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. He talks to NPR's Eric Westervelt about law enforcement's counterterrorism strategy.
Document From 'My Adidas' To FUBU, Fashion And Hip-Hop Have Always Matched Beats
A new documentary, <em>Fresh Dressed</em>, explores the relationship between the clothes and the music of hip-hop &mdash; including the rise and fall of black-owned brands and black designers.
Document 'There Are Basic Moral Rules': Young Evangelicals React To Supreme Court Marriage Ruling
Most young Americans support same-sex marriage. But young evangelicals buck that trend. Students at the evangelical Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., react to Friday's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.
Document Health Care Law Stands, Marriage Equality Expands: What Now For Republicans?
The Supreme Court's recent decisions are forcing Republicans to reconsider their strategy on these issues. NPR's Eric Westervelt talks with correspondent Mara Liasson about how the party is regrouping.

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