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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document Rio's Carnival Is A Glitter-Filled Euphoria, Even If Brazil's Government Is Not
Amid the parties and celebrations of Rio de Janeiro's carnival lie the political satire and protest. To see this, you just need to look at the costumes.
Document Why NASA Is Exploring An Alien World In Antarctica
Covered in ice and filled with bubbling lava, the Antarctic volcano Mount Erebus is the perfect proxy for an alien world. That's why NASA's Aaron Curtis travels there to test space exploration robots.
Document After 21 Nominations, Will Sound Mixer Kevin O'Connell Finally Win His Oscar?
O'Connell earned nominations for work on <em>Top Gun, Transformers, Armageddon</em> and many more. Losing streaks are never fun, but O'Connell seems at peace. "It hasn't been the right time for me," he says.
Document A Foster Parent For Terminally Ill Children
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Los Angeles foster parent Mohamed Bzeek. He takes care of terminally ill foster children and tends full-time to their medical needs.
Document Trump Goes Back To Campaign Mode In Florida
After a week of controversy, President Trump sought to energize himself and his supporters at a rally in Florida on Saturday, staged by his campaign operation.
Document Government Sues Lance Armstrong, Wants $100 Million
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to <em>New York Times</em> sportswriter Juliet Macur about the government's lawsuit against cyclist Lance Armstrong, which now goes to a jury trial.
Document The Call-In: Answering Your Questions About 'Sanctuary Cities'
There's no legal definition for a "sanctuary city," but that doesn't stop people from using the term. We answer listeners' questions about what it means to be a sanctuary city.
Document Imagining The Present As The Future Of The 1950s
Elan Mastai grew up fascinated by the 1950s sci-fi books. He talks with Lulu Garcia-Navarro about his novel <em>All Our Wrong Todays</em> that imagines a world with jet packs and flying cars.
Document Republican Rep. Mark Sanford Discusses His South Carolina Town Hall
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Mark Sanford, a House Republican from South Carolina, about his town hall meeting on Saturday.
Document Protests In Paris Over Alleged Rape Of Black Man By Police
People in Paris' suburbs have been protesting an alleged rape of a young black man by police. Political science professor Karim Amellal discusses the case and the upcoming presidential election.
Document How 'Little Tokyo' Of Los Angeles Changed Into 'Bronzeville' And Back Again
When Japanese-Americans were forced into WWII internment camps, many black families, migrating from the South, moved into their homes. But Japanese-Americans came back to the neighborhood later.
Document A Thriving Rural Town's Winning Formula Faces New Threats Under Trump Administration
Decades ago, Garden City, Kan., embraced the meat industry, and immigrants flocked there for jobs. The city worked hard to absorb newcomers, but now its economy and diverse community are in jeopardy.
Document Pegi Young's New Album Is Emotionally 'Raw'
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to singer-songwriter Pegi Young about her new album, <em>Raw</em>, about her divorce from Neil Young. She calls it the "soundtrack to the seven stages of grief."
Document Alt.Latino Explores Afro-Latin Music For Black History Month
It's Black History Month, and NPR's Alt.Latino team shares some gems of Afro-Latin music, ranging from Panamanian inspired hip-hop beats to Brazilian percussion.
Document New York Republican Rep. Tom Reed Faces Angry Crowds, Deep In Trump Country
Constituents have recently packed GOP town halls to voice their concerns about health care and President Trump. On Saturday, Reed held four town halls in his Western New York district.

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