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Weekend Edition Sunday with Rachel Martin on Sunday mornings brings news and analysis, and features puzzle master Will Shortz.

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Document As Their Wells Run Dry, California Residents Blame Thirsty Farms
Many rural residents rely on private wells for tap water. As the severe drought continues, many are wondering why farms seem to be getting water ahead of families.
Document An Urban Village Pops Up To Comfort Hong Kong Protesters
What began as a pro-democracy roadblock has grown into a combination street fair/art gallery, with an outdoor study hall, movie screenings, speeches and even a free library.
Document Mormon Teens Re-Enact Handcart Disaster To Bring History To Life
In 1856, Mormons walking to Salt Lake City, dragging wooden carts, got stuck in a blizzard. Each year, thousands of Mormon teenagers return to that site to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.
Document Are The Royals Just Lucky? The Week In Sports
Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants are coming to a head in the upcoming World Series. Slate.com's Mike Pesca takes a look at the odds.
Document Will Ebola Impact Midterm Elections?
Weekend Edition Sunday's new segment, "For the Record," kicks off with politics and Ebola. NPR's Rachel Martin asks NPR's Mara Liasson and Dallas columnist J. Floyd about the politics of the disease.
Document California Farmers: We Are Getting 'Much Less Water'
Farmers say they aren't using up groundwater supplies, nor are they solely to blame for the water crisis. Almond grower Dan Errotabere talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about the situation on his farm.
Document The Making Of R2D2, Galaxy's Most Beloved Robot
A star is born! We learn how R2D2, the robot in <em>Star Wars</em>, got his name and why he's such a beloved character. <em>This story originally aired May 25 on</em> Weekend Edition Sunday.
Document U.N. Ebola Chief: We Are Working 'At Full Speed'
After criticism of a poor response to the Ebola crisis, the United Nations is establishing a management hub in Ghana. The head of UNMEER says the agency is in a race against the disease.
Document ISIS Threat Is 'Extremely Worrying' Says Counter-Insurgency Expert
A decade after the U.S. took control of Fallujah, America is at war again. NPR's Rachel Martin talks with former Lt. Col. John Nagl, whose counter-insurgency manual helped shape U.S. strategy in Iraq.
Document Bishops Fail To Agree On Same-Sex Unions
Catholic bishops finished a two-week gathering at the Vatican on Saturday. Their discussions focused on the family and controversial issues, including gays and divorcees. But many were disappointed.
Document DOD: Climate Change Is A Volatile Factor In International Security
The Department of Defense says climate change is an "immediate risk" to the nation. Adm. David Titley talks with NPR's Rachel Martin about how the military must respond.
Document Understanding Society Through 3 American Classics
NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Azar Nafisi about her new book, <em>The Republic of Imagination,</em> a reflection on America through three of its most memorable books.
Document Political Campaigns From The Ad-Maker's View
The midterms are just around the corner. NPR's Rachel Martin kicks off a special series looking behind the scenes at the people who work tirelessly on campaigns. This week: the ad-makers.
Document Here's What Happens When Gandalf Talks To Schoolchildren
Sir Ian McKellen made a special appearance at an English school. What special magical message did he impart? Do your homework!
Document Time To Flex Those Math Muscles
Get ready to crunch some numbers from the works of the late Martin Gardner, longtime "Mathematical Games" columnist for <em>Scientific American</em>.

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