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Document Between Friends, Family And Country, Ukrainian Police Lie Low
As pro-Russia demonstrators continue their tense standoff in Eastern Ukraine, police are conspicuously absent from city streets.
Document A Sheep Killer Is On The Loose In 'All the Birds, Singing'
<em>All The Birds, Singing</em> is the second novel by Australian-British author Evie Wyld. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Wyld about her sinister story revolving around the life of Jake, a sheep farmer.
Document Martin Gardner, Genius Of Recreational Mathematics
<em>Weekend Edition's</em> own "Math Guy" Keith Devlin calls the late Martin Gardner the greatest "math guy" of all time. As Devlin tells NPR's Scott Simon, Gardner had little formal mathematics training.
Document School Lunch: Any Chicken In Those 'Food-Like Nubbins'?
It took a Freedom of Information Act to get the Chicago Public Schools to disclose what's in the chicken nuggets they serve in their cafeterias. NPR's Scott Simon reveals the chemical contents.
Document Searching For A Plane On The Ocean Floor Is Unmapped Territory
Even if recently detected pings are from the lost Malaysian jet's black box, oceanographer Simon Boxall tells NPR's Scott Simon searching for the plane on the ocean floor will still be difficult.
Document PGA Puts On A Masters Without Tiger
This week saw an unfortunate late-season swoon for the Pacers and the first Masters tournament without Tiger Woods in 20 years. NPR's Scott Simon talks to sports correspondent Tom Goldman.
Document After Austerity, British Economy Declared World's Fastest-Growing
In effect, the U.K. is saying "I told you so" after being declared the the fastest growing economy of any rich country in the world. NPR's Scott Simon talks with economist Simon Johnson.
Document With A Wink And Nod To Fans, Movies Roll Post-Credit Scenes
After-credits scenes have a long history in the movies, from the original <em>Ocean's 11</em> to the latest <em>Captain America</em>. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with writer Alex Suskind about this cinematic trope.
Document A Year After Bombings, Boston Comes Back 'Strong'
The Boston Strong campaign cheers the grit and grace the city's shown since last year's marathon bombing. Journalist Mike Barnicle tells NPR's Scott Simon how Bostonians are overcoming the tragedy.
Document Pentecostal Churches Accused Of Exploiting Cameroon's Poor
Pentecostalism is spreading rapidly throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Half of the world's Pentecostalists live there, and Cameroon's government has deemed the church a national threat.
Document Mavis Staples Sings The Soundtrack Of Civil Rights
Last week's civil rights summit in Texas had a musical through-line: the voice of Mavis Staples. The R&B artist's body of work underscored the '50s and '60s civil rights movement.
Document Guineans Scramble To Defend Themselves Against Deadly Virus
A recent outbreak of Ebola in Guinea has the country on edge. Guineans have never experienced the deadly virus, and are learning quickly how to protect themselves.
Document IRS Chasing Children For Dead Parents' Debts
The IRS is going after taxpayers to pay their deceased parents' decades-old debts. NPR's Scott Simon talks with Marc Fisher of <em>The Washington Post</em> about the collection efforts.
Document Jailed In Cuba Since 2009, USAID Contractor On Hunger Strike
Alan Gross has been in a Cuban jail for more than four years. This week, he went on a hunger strike. Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg, recently back from Cuba, brings NPR's Scott Simon an update.
Document Jackie Collins' Mob Princess Serves Up A Cookbook You Can't Refuse
Collins' <em>The Lucky Santangelo Cookbook</em> is named for her plucky heroine, the daughter of a former gangster. It's got recipes for linguine and the author's eponymous cocktail &mdash; but no health food.

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