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Document Hunger Strike Raises Debate About Force-Feeding In Israeli Prisons
After a Palestinian prisoner's hunger strike, Israel's parliament passed a law permitting the force-feeding of prisoners to keep them alive, but doctors made it clear they wouldn't participate
Document In WWII, Millions Of Indians Fought For A Britain They Abhored
As Indians struggled to break free of Britain, more than 2 million signed up to fight with the Allies, the largest volunteer force in the world. Raghu Karnad unearths the story in <em>The Farthest Field.</em>
Document Russia's War On Western Food: Detaining Cheese, Crushing Frozen Geese
Russian authorities have smashed, burned and buried more than 900 tons of allegedly contraband food. In a country that once suffered famine, many are deeply distressed to see food destroyed.
Document Trump Is No Conservative, Says Conservative Pundit Glenn Beck
The rise of Donald Trump as a Republican presidential candidate has surprised many pundits, but not conservative commentator Glenn Beck. "He is saying the populist things," Beck says.
Document Jimmy Carter Remains Stalwart In Vow To Eradicate Guinea Worm
NPR's Scott Simon reflects on former President Jimmy Carter and his decades-long fight to snuff out the disease that once afflicted an estimated 3.5 million people in Asia and Africa.
Document A Hot Bath Could Help Grocery-Store Tomatoes Keep Their Flavor
Scientists have found a new way to give some taste to those bland supermarket tomatoes. NPR's Scott Simon gives the details.
Document Former Attorney General Questions Clinton's Email Comments
Questions surrounding Hillary Clinton's private email server continue to dog her on the campaign trail. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey tells NPR's Scott Simon that she may have broken numerous laws.
Document Stocks Fall; Dow Down 10 Percent Since May
Stock markets around the world plunged this week as investors absorbed more evidence that China's economy is slowing. In the US, the Dow suffered its worst week since 2011.
Document Two U.S. Soldiers Help Subdue Gunman On French Train
A gunman opened fire on a high speed train that was traveling between Amsterdam and Paris. According to French officials, two Americans subdued the shooter.
Document Baylor Scandal, Dodgers Surge: The Week In Sports
It's time now for sports! NPR's Scott Simon talks to Howard Bryant of ESPN about a sexual assault conviction for a former Baylor University linebacker, and the Philadelphia Phillies of 2008.
Document Warming The Toilet: Secret Tales Of School-Years Past
NPR's Scott Simon talks to history and trivia expert AJ Jacobs about back-to-school arcana.
Document In Elite Schools' Vast Endowments, Malcolm Gladwell Sees 'Obscene' Inequity
In a recent op-ed, law professor Victor Fleischer accused top universities of "hoarding" billions and billions of dollars. And Gladwell, a <em>New Yorker </em>writer, agrees &mdash; in much harsher language.
Document Austrians Support Refugees With A Profound Silence
An unusual song topped the iTunes charts in Austria earlier this week. It is one minute of silence in honor of refugees and asylum seekers. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with the "creator" Raoul Haspel.
Document Activists Call For An End To Deadly Syrian Barrel Bomb Attacks
Activists want more pressure on the Syrian regime to stop using the primitive and indiscriminate barrel bombs that have killed thousands in the Syrian civil war.
Document U.N. Official 'Absolutely Horrified' With Conditions In Syria
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with the United Nations' top humanitarian official Stephen O'Brien about his recent trip to Syria. "This will be a lost generation," O'Brien says of conditions there.

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