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Document Up In Flames: Kenya Burns More Than 100 Tons Of Ivory
Nearly 30 years ago, Kenya burned 12 tons of ivory to try to halt the illegal ivory trade. Today it's burning 100 tons. How much difference does burning ivory make?
Document The Week In Sports
A Tweet might have cost an early favorite in the NFL draft millions of dollars in lost income, while an Instagram post could provoke an investigation of his school.
Document Afghan Cycling Federation Coach Faces Corruption Charges
NPR's Scott Simon talks to Shannon Galpin, founder of the nonprofit Mountain2Mountain, about withdrawing her support of the scandal-plagued Afghanistan Women's Cycling Team.
Document Former Indiana Basketball Coach Bobby Knight On Trump: 'Best Person For The Job'
Bobby Knight is not one known to make political endorsements. NPR's Scott Simon asks the legendary basketball coach about his endorsement of Donald Trump in Tuesday's Indiana primary.
Document Rising Incarceration Rate Isn't Reducing Crime, Says Report
A report from the Council of Economic Advisors suggests longer sentences increases rates of recidivism, resulting in little impact on crime rate. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with CEA chief Jason Furman.
Document In 'Long War,' Iraq And Afghanistan Vets And Refugees Tell Their Stories
A new play called <em>Voices From the Long War</em> tells the stories of veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and refugees from those countries. The actors are those vets and refugees.
Document 'Good Wife' Creators Say They Wanted To End The Show 'While It Was Still Good'
"There was seven seasons-worth of story to tell in the education of Alicia Florrick, and we've come to the end of that story," says co-creator Michelle King. <em>The Good Wife</em> series finale airs May 8.
Document American Stars Jam With Cuba's Best Musicians In Havana
American and Cuban musicians played together in Havana in the first official cultural exchange in half a century. Among them: Usher, Dave Matthews, X Alfonso, and Smokey Robinson.
Document 'Imagine Me Gone' Paints Mental Illness Through Five Fictional Voices
NPR's Scott Simon asks Adam Haslett about his latest novel. Haslett says he "needed that imaginary space to investigate" his family history of mental illness.
Document Harassment Woman Faced Before Her Death Underscores Rampant Sexism In Firefighter Culture
NPR's Scott Simon asks veteran firefighter Mary Beth Michos about how sexism in the firehouse has escalated with the rise of cyberbullying.
Document Is Indiana The Last Fighting Chance For #NeverTrump?
Tuesday's GOP primary in Indiana could be the last stand for #NeverTrump, a movement devoted to keeping Donald Trump from becoming the Republican nominee.
Document David Cameron's Former Advisor Wants To Revamp The U.S. Conservative Movement
British political operative Steve Hilton tells NPR's Scott Simon what he thinks the conservative movement needs both in the U.K. and the U.S.
Document A Cease-Fire In Name Alone
NPR's Scott Simon considers the breathtaking toll of the violence in Syria.
Document Puerto Rico Headed For Default As Congress Tackles Relief Plan
The U.S. territory is expected to default May 1 on a debt payment of nearly half a billion dollars. Scott Simon examines the impact of a default with Wall Street Journal correspondent Nick Timiraos.
Document Rob And Nick Reiner Say 'Being Charlie' Is 'Drawn From Our Lives'
<em>Being Charlie</em> is a new film about addiction in a Hollywood family. It's a story director Rob Reiner and his son, writer Nick Reiner, say they know well because of their own family's struggles.

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