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Document The Long Saga Of Spy Jonathan Pollard Continues Even After His Release
He's on parole for another five years, during which he'll have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet, won't be able to give interviews, or leave for Israel. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on his release.
Document Amid Growing Youth Violence In Chicago, One Woman Offers A Safety Net
A devastating number of the city's young people have lost their lives to gun violence over the past few years. Diane Latiker has built a program in order to make these children's lives safer.
Document How To Dodge Political Squabble This Gobble Day
When Thanksgiving comes during an election season, dinner table conversations can get contentious. We check in with Miss Manners to learn how we might get through the holiday without a family feud.
Document When Technology Bets Fail
Betamax lost the format war to VHS in the 1980s, but Sony never stopped manufacturing the tapes. Now Sony says it will stop making Betamax next spring.
Document GOP Candidates Address Evangelical-Hosted Forum
Several Republican candidates addressed a forum in Iowa Friday night hosted by the Family Leader, an influential evangelical organization.
Document The Week In Sports
NPR's Scott Simon and ESPN.com's Howard Bryant talk retirement news for David Ortiz, Tony Romo's broken clavicle and Bryce Harper's new MVP status.
Document A Week After The Attacks, The Latest From Paris
The latest news from Paris, just over a week since the attacks that left 130 people dead.
Document Meet The College Football Coach Who Really Knows Her Hail Marys
Sister Lisa Maurer of the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minn., is one of only a handful of women to ever coach college football — and also is, in all likelihood, the first nun.
Document Facebook's New 'Breakup' Feature
Facebook is making break-ups a little easier with a new feature that allows people to choose just how much of their ex's profile they want to see.
Document On Eve Of Argentine Election, Polls Lean Right
If the polls are correct, Mauricio Macri will be Argentina's next president. The election of the pro-business mayor of Buenos Aires would be another sign Latin America's "pink tide" may be receding.
Document President Obama Flaunts His Natural Gray
President Obama says he has a lot more gray hair today than when he took office, but as NPR's Scott Simon notes, the president will not be dyeing his gray hair.
Document As Fears Mount In Germany, Syrian Refugees Grapple With Perceptions
After the Paris attacks, refugees in Berlin have felt increased scrutiny, as police comb their numbers for potential threats. But many Syrians there say they fear ISIS as much as their hosts do.
Document In Spite Of Marketing, Older People Driven To Cars
NPR's Ina Jaffe and Sonari Glinton were at the LA Auto Show this week. They spoke with NPR's Scott Simon about new cars that have been designed with older drivers in mind.
Document Global Economic Impact Of European Security Boost
Following the attacks in Paris, NPR's Scott Simon speaks with JP Morgan analyst David Kelly about how increased military action and border security by the European Union could affect the economy.
Document Above The Border, Canadians Don't Waver In Welcome For Refugees
While Congress and many governors try to block or slow down President Obama's pledge to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees, Canada is pressing ahead with a plan to welcome 25,000 in the next six weeks.

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