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Document Fast-Track Program: Kenyan Runners Join U.S. Army â And Olympic Team
A U.S. Army program allows elite athletes to join the military and train in their sport. Four Kenyan distance runners in the U.S. military quickly became citizens and will represent America in Rio.
Document The Uppermost Aristocracy of the Hoverfly Society
Fredrik Sj&ouml;berg had been hunting for hoverflies for 30 years. But his collection wasn't complete without the rare and beautiful <em>Callicera </em>fly.
Document Casting Doubt On U.S. Commitment To Mutual Defense, Donald Trump Unsettles NATO Allies
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told the New York Times that a Trump administration wouldn't defend NATO allies unless they had "fulfilled their obligations" to the U.S.
Document Russia Awaits Potential Rio Olympics Ban Decision, After Widespread Doping Practices
On Sunday, the International Olympic Committee will decide whether or not to ban Russia from competing due to state-sponsored doping. NPR's Scott Simon talks about the decision with NPR's Tom Goldman.
Document MPAA Argues Ban On Smoking In Movies Defies First Amendment
Should a child going to a G-rated movie be exposed to characters smoking on screen? The MPAA is defending itself from a lawsuit about that. NPR' Scott Simon speaks with film historian David Thomson.
Document They're Small, But These Big-City Apartments Tout Their Communal Feel
For those eyeing city life, the trick to paying reasonable rent might mean downsizing &mdash; really downsizing. Developers of micro apartments says they offer affordability and a sense of community.
Document Helping Transgender People Find Their Voice
Speech therapist Wendy Chase helps transgender people make their voices sound like their gender identity. She says how people communicate affects how they are perceived.
Document Baltimore Prosecutors Face Pressure After No Officer Convictions In Freddie Gray Case
So far, prosecutors failed to convict four of the six police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray last year. Scott Simon talks to Jennifer Ludden about the challenges of the case.
Document In Dave Eggers' Latest, A Mother Moves Her Kids To The Alaskan 'Frontier'
Alaska's a state that's "not too precious about itself," Eggers says. In <em>Heroes of the Frontier, </em>he follows an out-of-work dentist as she moves her small family to an unfamiliar home.
Document Robert Irwin Brings 'Big' To Texas With Permanent Art Installation
The 87-year-old conceptual artist unveils a large-scale installation of his work in Marfa, Texas, this week. He's spent his career creating site-specific art that often treats light as its subject.
Document A Bizarre Travel Nightmare Ends Up Back On Track
In the third installment of our summer series Travel Nightmares. Anne Fleury from Milwaukee tells us about the time she leaped from one train to another.
Document Is This Really The Nastiest Election Season? Or Just Politics As Usual?
NPR's Scott Simon speaks to trivia expert AJ Jacobs about political conventions gone sour and unpopular candidates over the decades in U.S. politics.
Document Hillary Clinton Picks Her VP Nominee: Who Is Tim Kaine?
Hillary Clinton has tapped Virginia SenatorTim Kaine to be her running mate, completing the democratic presidential ticket.
Document After A Dramatic Non-Endorsement, What Does Ted Cruz's Political Future Hold?
The RNC might be over but the week's events are still fresh in people's minds, especially the reaction to Sen. Cruz's speech. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Texas Republican Delegate Ken Cope.
Document The Latest On Baton Rouge: A City In Healing
As Baton Rouge prepares to bury the second of two officers killed in a targeted attack, the city gathers to reflect on the violence.

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