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Document The Lessons Of Commercial Flops On Display In Sweden's 'Museum Of Failure'
A new museum showcasing failed products like Crystal Pepsi is set to open in Sweden. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with the museum's curator, Samuel West, about the lessons in some notable flops.
Document The Possibility Of Russia Meddling In France's Election
Ahead of Sunday's presidential vote in France, NPR's Mary Louise Kelly asks French political analyst Nicholas Tenzer of the Center for Research and Political Decision about Russian meddling.
Document Saturday Sports: Serena Williams Is Pregnant
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Howard Bryant of ESPN.com and <em>ESPN the Magazine</em> about tennis and Serena Williams' pregnancy.
Document First Step To 'Eco-Grieving' Over Climate Change? Admit There's A Problem
Psychologists say anxiety over climate change is making some people feel overwhelmed. To talk through their worries, a group in Utah is meeting weekly and the idea has drawn interest in other states.
Document Democrats Hope For A Win In Special Election In Montana
After tight races in Kansas and Georgia, Democrats are sensing an opportunity in next month's special election in Montana. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly asks Democratic strategist Geoff Garin about it.
Document Author Alison MacLeod Tries To Find Humor In Terrorism
In her new book of short stories, Alison MacLeod spins biography, news stories and family history into surreal fiction. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly asks her about <em>All the Beloved Ghosts</em>.
Document Buy A 3-Pack Of Wedding Rings, In Case You Lose One
Brighton Jones co-founded Enso rings &mdash; they're squishy, stretchy and colorful. His is one of many companies now making alternatives to metal wedding bands.
Document Can Placebos Work If You Know They're Placebos?
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly asks writer Robert Siegel about "open label placebos" and whether placebos work even when patients know they're placebos. He wrote about his experience in <em>Smithsonian Magazine</em>.
Document Jazz Vocalist Ron Boustead's Humor Shines On 'Unlikely Valentine'
A mastering engineer by day, the LA singer has now made his own album, on which he treats jazz standards and originals with wit and swing.
Document An Unexpected Political Toss-Up: Southwest Oregon
Oregon's 4th District was a close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The reason for the tight race has a lot to do with logging, a fading but locally important industry.
Document An Organizer Speaks About Reasons For A 'March For Science'
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Lucky Tran, organizer of today's March for Science, occurring in a number of cities around the world.
Document Far-Left Candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon Surges In Polls Ahead Of French Election
The first round of the French presidential election takes place on Sunday and the race has turned into a very close four-way contest thanks to a late surge by a far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon.
Document California Debates Bill To Stop Cooperation With Federal Immigration Enforcement
As California officials oppose the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, they wonder how far they can push. A legislator introduced a bill to not allow local authorities to work with ICE.
Document Rep. Dan Donovan On The New GOP Health Care Overhaul Effort
House Republicans failed to coalesce around a health care overhaul in March. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly asks Rep. Dan Donovan, R-N.Y., if the party's conservative and moderate wings can compromise.
Document Paul Ryan's First 100 Days Under President Trump
Michael Warren of <em>The Weekly Standard</em> tells NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about the effect of the Trump administration's first 100 days on House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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