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The Morning Show
The Morning Show
Impeachment Time
By Dale Connelly
December, 1998

Dale Connelly and Jim Ed Poole host the Morning Show,
a lighthearted blend of music and humor.

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It's a very, very special time of year.

Little children know ... they can sense it not by the calendar, but by the soft murmuring of adults in the kitchen. The warm fire. The babbling of the TV. The icicles in the trees. The unmistakable droning sound of hearings on public radio. It's impeachment time.

Time to bring out the dirty laundry once again and hang it where everyone can see and enjoy it. Time to fondly review our favorite fatal flaws and failings of our leaders. To revel in their weaknesses. To glory in their indiscretions.

Time to gather with family to stand together, toe to toe, arguing about morality and honor and dignity, re-hashing the fine old political disputes of days past, remembering the historic disagreements and blow ups that led to years of not speaking to each other, and will lead to even more memories for the future. Running outside in the cold air, following your Uncle Frank to his car, razzing him about his politics ... sticking your tongue out at him and feeling a snowflake fall and melt in the heat of your shouted curses as they ring through the frozen night.

Ah ...! Impeachment time.

Children ... their eyes open wide with anticipation, unable to sleep for thinking about Impeachment Clause landing on the roof with his reindeer, Perjury, Deceit, Obsession, Rage, Distrust, Revulsion, Piety, Impiety, and the one with the red hot face that leads the crew, Revenge.

Can he fit down the chimney? How does he know what I want? Does he even care what I want? Is it about getting things? Or Getting even? Or is it really all about some shepherds who, one silent night, saw Ken Starr and decided to follow him?

What do you tell them?
That impeachment time is a time like no other.
It comes around once in one hundred years.
So ... cozy up to the electric hearth.
Hang another sprig of cruise missletoe.
Impeachment time ... it's here!