Thursday, April 26, 2018

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The Morning Show
The Morning Show
Where's Eric?
The Erics Eric Ringham (born, 1955) poses at the MPR booth with the three "Little Erics"; his stand-ins for this year's "Where's Eric?" game during the Morning Show at the Minnesota State Fair. Eric has chosen a hiding place for each "Little Eric" and has provided a series of hints to fuel the search for his miniature effigies.

Expert searchers Ochen Kaylan and Leslie Ball once again tried to outguess Eric by deciphering his cryptic clues. This year, you helped by sending us your suggestions!

The clues for each "Little Eric" are on this page, with the answer hidden at the end of each list. Just highlight the text with you mouse to see where the "Little Eric" was stashed.

Clue 1 "Farmer" Eric

Clue 1:
Clue 2
Clue 3
Highlight to see Answer:
Peeking over the top of the trellace behind the Garden Stage on the west side of the DNR building, near the fire tower.

Clue 2 "Fair Fanatic" Eric

Clue 1: Clue 2:
Clue 3:
Highlight to see Answer:
Stuffed between the joists under the staircase on the south side of the Administration Building, 1312 Cosgrove.

Clue 3 "Security Guy" Eric

Clue 1:
Clue 2:
Clue 3:
Highlight to see Answer:
In the wheel well of the 1951 Ford Pickup at the SE corner of the Arts Building.