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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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  • County With High Foreclosure Rate Hosts Hearing
    The Congressional Oversight Panel had its first field hearing on the foreclosure crisis and the government's $700 billion financial bailout. Tuesday's hearing was in Nevada's Clark County, which has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. The meeting was a chance for the oversight panel to investigate, analyze and review the bailout.
  • FHA Loans May Hold Key For Would-Be Homeowners
    A program created in the 1930s to help pull the country out of the Great Depression has come back in fashion. The Federal Housing Administration is now insuring nearly a third of the nation's home loans. But some people are calling FHA loans the "new subprime."
  • Rural Afghans Resistant To Official Judicial System
    Afghanistan's courts are too slow and corrupt to get the job done, many say. Those Afghans turn instead to local jirgas, or tribal councils, to solve legal disputes. Efforts are being made to fix the official system and teach residents their rights, but the impact has been negligible outside of major cities and provincial centers.
  • 'Falling For Science': Swinging Eggs In A Basket
    For 25 years, a professor collected essays from her students based on the this prompt: "Was there an object you met during childhood or adolescence that had an influence on your path into science?" One student remembered her Easter basket.
  • Miliband: Afghanistan Needs A Political Solution
    Britain has just sent another 300 troops to Afghanistan, adding to the 8,000 it already has in that country. It's also pressing reluctant NATO allies to take on a greater role against a resurgent Taliban. British Foreign Minister David Miliband was in Afghanistan recently. He says besides a security response, the country needs a political solution.
  • Is Britain's Labor Party Back To Pre-Blair Ways?
    After Tony Blair was elected British prime minister in 1997, he blurred the line between the Labor Party and its usual opponent, the Conservative Party. But the global financial crisis has forced Prime Minister Gordon Brown to take the Labor Party back to a platform of nationalized banks, government assistance for industry and massive public borrowing. Critics say the Labor Party's Socialist roots are showing.
  • Honda, GM Adjust To Economic Slowdown
    Japanese carmaker Honda has said its profits for the year could be down more than 60 percent from an earlier forecast. Blame the global plunge in car sales as well as a strong yen, which is hurting all Japanese exporters. General Motors has opened another plant in China, but demand there for cars is slowing.
  • Partygoers, Caterers Miss Companies' Holiday Frills
    Corporate holiday parties usually dot the landscape this time of year. But listeners have e-mailed to say a lot of their parties have been downsized. Ed Fasani knows what that's like. He's a caterer, and business is down about 60 percent this year. Fasani says he's had to lay off staff and has even taken a night job to make ends meet.
  • Australia Allows Facebook For Serving Legal Notices
    A lawyer in Australia had been trying to serve a foreclosure notice to a couple who had defaulted on a home loan. Mark McCormack couldn't find the couple by e-mail, and he couldn't find them at their home. So he turned to Facebook, the popular social networking site. He wanted to serve legal documents to the couple's Facebook page. A court in Australia ruled last week that he may. But by the time the court approved McCormack's request, the couple had removed their Facebook profile from public view.
  • Fed Slashes Key Interest Rate To Record Low
    The Federal Reserve cut a key interest rate to almost zero Tuesday. It's the latest attempt to jump-start the economy. And the Fed made clear that it won't stop there. If needed, federal policymakers indicated they will use all tools at their disposal to keep the economy from sliding deeper into recession.

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