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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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  • Newtown Parents Seek A Clearer Window Into Violent Behavior
    When Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel lost their daughter in the Connecticut shooting, they couldn't understand why someone would do such a thing. In seeking an answer, they're funding research into the forces that increase a person's risk of aggression — and have also found a path to healing.
  • South Africans Say Goodbye To Mandela In Pretoria
    Nelson Mandela is lying in state for a second day in South Africa's capital, Pretoria. It's a chance for one last glimpse of the country's most beloved leader. The remote location of Sunday's burial — far away in Mandela's home province — means that for most, filing past his casket is their final farewell.
  • Shifting Gears To Make Bike-Sharing More Accessible
    In the past few years, bike-sharing systems have popped up from Boston to Minnesota to Washington, D.C. The users so far tend to be young, male and wealthier than the rest of the population.
  • With One Photo, The Average Commute Becomes Super Special
    We asked you to photograph your commute. We had no idea you would make such connections!
  • Scandal May Bring New Oversight To LA County Sheriff's Department
    The Los Angeles County supervisor wants to create an independent commission to oversee the department following charges of inmate abuse and racial profiling.
  • Ukraine Protesters Blame Violence On Government Thugs
    A major concern among peaceful anti-government protesters crowding into Kiev's central square is that Ukraine's government is trying to provoke violence in order to justify a police crackdown. In one incident, according to protest organizers, the government used provocateurs.
  • Why The Timing Is Right For Uruguay To Legalize Pot
    Uruguay is poised to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to regulate the drug and scale back its black market. Steve Inskeep talks with John Walsh of the Washington Office on Latin America about how the country proposes to regulate pot.
  • Scotland's Royal Bank Fined For Violating Iran, Cuba Sanctions
    The bank was fined $100 million Wednesday for violating the U.S. sanctions. It had given its U.K. employees step-by-step instructions on how to keep transactions from being detected for sanctions violations.
  • Amid Cuts And Tax Hikes, Tech Companies Get Love in Ireland
    Ireland has made a concerted effort to grow its tech industry, through tax incentives and development programs. Officials credit the initiative with helping uplift the country's economy. But the country has also faces local and international criticism for its approach.
  • WestJet Plays Santa To Calgary-Bound Passengers
    Passengers told a virtual Santa what they wanted before boarding their flights. While they were in the air, secret shoppers at their destination hit the stores. The passengers arrived in Calgary to find their gifts on the baggage carousel.

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