Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Waiting for the voteMinneapolis schools aim high with new plan
    The Minneapolis school board receives praise for a short but meaningful list of reforms.7:20 a.m.
  • Swift workers arrestedWorthington still smarting one year after Swift raid
    There is still intense debate over the value of a national immigration raid one year ago against the Swift meatpacking company. More than 200 illegal immigrants were rounded up in southwest Minnesota.7:24 a.m.
  • Wendy KnoxThe sound of Wendy
    When the Ordway Center in St. Paul, Minn., announced recently that Wendy Knox would be directing the holiday production of "The Sound of Music," it raised a lot of eyebrows - including her own.7:50 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Huckabee Leads Ahead of GOP's Last Iowa Debate
    Republican presidential candidates are set to square off in their last debate in Iowa, where former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has taken the lead in state polls. Huckabee's surge comes just three weeks ahead of the caucuses, forcing Mitt Romney to try to recoup lost ground there.
  • McCain Keeps Sights on South Carolina
    The large number of undecided voters in South Carolina has left the race for the GOP primary wide open. Sen. John McCain is at the back of the pack. Still, he keeps South Carolina in his sights even though it's the state that crippled his 2000 presidential election ambitions.
  • Hollywood Looking for a Piece of Bollywood Action
    India's billion-plus population is mad for movies, and Hollywood is hungry for a piece of the Hindi film market. Sony Pictures took the plunge recently with a highbrow romance — and found itself going head to head on opening weekend with a home-grown superstar.
  • Panel to Recommend How to Cut Flight Congestion
    An advisory panel is due to present recommendations to the government on how to improve the on-time performance of the airlines. Airlines have suffered many delays and canceled flights, and this summer was the worst. There is much at stake for business and passengers.
  • Legal Limits Murky for Use of 'Discarded' DNA
    Everywhere people go, they leave little bits of DNA behind. The saliva on a coffee cup or a stray hair can tell criminal investigators a lot about a person. Courts have said little about how much of a right people have to keep that genetic material private.
  • Medicare Balks at Paying for Lymphoma Drugs
    Two new and innovative anti-cancer drugs work against a type of lymphoma where other drugs fail. But after Jan. 1, Medicare will cut what it pays for the expensive treatments. Medicare's decision could leave thousands of patients unable to get a therapy that others say saved their lives.
  • Fed Cuts Key Rates by Quarter Percentage Point
    The Federal Reserve lowers key interest rates a quarter of a percentage point. But investors say that's not enough. Apparently Wall Street had been hoping for a cut by half a percentage point, thinking that would better cushion the economy from the impact of the mortgage crisis. Stocks fell sharply.
  • Citigroup Picks Pandit for CEO Post
    Citigroup names Vikram Pandit, the head of its investment banking business, as CEO. Pandit's selection comes after a five-week search. He ran a hedge fund bought by Citigroup earlier this year, and is viewed as careful and decisive. The bank also names acting CEO Sir Win Bischoff as its chairman.
  • Navigating the Office Holiday Party
    Whether it's a year of big losses or big profits, most companies still manage to hold a holiday party for employees. A Silicon Valley businessman offers some advice on avoiding the pitfalls of the season.
  • Fallon CEO Substitutes Day Off for Holiday Party
    Employees at Massachusetts-based Fallon Community Health Plan didn't get any invitations to a holiday dinner dance this year. Over the past five years, less than than half of the workers have shown up to the annual bash. So this year, the CEO canceled it, giving workers the day off instead.

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