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Friday, December 8, 2006

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  • Lame-Duck Congress Struggles to Finish Its Business
    Today was supposed to be the final day of the 109th Congress, ending 12 years of Republican control in Congress. But the lame-duck Congress hasn't been able to agree on a government spending bill.
  • New Congress Spurs Wave of Job Swaps
    Whenever a new party takes control of Congress, there is a crop of Capitol Hill staffers who need to find a job. There's also a group of former staffers who return to work for the Congress. The job changes can raise ethical questions.
  • More Troops Needed for Army to Achieve Mission
    Gen. Richard Cody, vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, says the Army's mission in Iraq has stretched the service's resources. He tells Steve Inskeep that more access to National Guard and Reserve troops, or a bigger Army, is needed to achieve U.S. goals.
  • 'Apocalypto' is Trademark Mel Gibson Gore
    Who knows what violence lurks in the hearts of men? Mel Gibson knows. And like he did in The Passion of the Christ, Gibson just can't resist putting every last ounce of it on screen in Apocalypto.
  • Pentagon to Investigate Mental Health Treatment
    Earlier this week, an NPR investigation revealed that soldiers returning from Iraq with severe mental health problems often have trouble getting the treatment they need. In response, the Pentagon is forming an investigation into its treatment of soldiers with mental health issues.
  • Harvard Reconsiders Core-Course Requirements
    Harvard University is rethinking what future graduates should be required to know. The latest plan stresses general knowledge about "how the world works," rather than academic methodology. The idea is to make classes more relevant to the modern world.
  • Outdated Mississippi Image Updated for Today
    "Mississippi: Believe It!" is a new public-relations campaign aimed at improving the image of a deep-South state that is often mocked by outsiders.
  • Google Wades into the Radio Advertising Business
    The next time you turn on commercial radio, the company controlling the ads you hear could be the Internet business Google. The company that made search engines profitable has begun testing its ad-targeting technology on other media.
  • HP to Pay $14.5 Million to Calif. in 'Pretexting' Case
    The computer giant Hewlett-Packard will pay $14.5 million in a settlement with the state of California. The company is accused of using false pretenses, or pretexting, to obtain the personal phone records of board members and journalists.
  • Holiday Gift Cards Can Hide Fees
    The holiday shopping season is underway, and you might be thinking of making it easy on yourself by giving gift cards. But before you fork over the cash for the plastic, there are a couple things you should know.

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