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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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  • Coptics Fear Islamists Will Sweep Egypt Elections
    Many Coptic Christians in Alexandria are eying Egypt's first free parliamentary elections with trepidation. They fear things will only get worse for them if certain candidates win.
  • Why Columbus, Ohio, Needs Somali Cops On Its Force
    A young Somali-American blew himself up in Somalia last week. The bomber was one of the dozens of young Somalis from the Minneapolis area who traveled to Somalia to join an al-Qaida affiliated group. In Columbus, Ohio, which has the second- largest Somali community in America, there is concern that young Somalis might also travel to join the terror group. That's one reason Columbus police are stepping up efforts to establish ties with the Somali community.
  • Following Digital Breadcrumbs To 'Big Data' Gold
    In the past couple of years, computing, storage and bandwidth capacity have become so cheap that it's altered the scale of what's possible in terms of collecting and analyzing data at every turn. It's a tectonic shift that will continue to affect many things we do for decades to come, one expert says.
  • Holocaust Database Helps Families Complete Stories
    The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and's World Memory Project allows people to sift online through hundreds of thousands of documents that previously required a painstaking manual search.
  • U.S. Needs Pakistan To Attain Afghan Goals
    U.S.-Pakistan relations have suffered another blow after NATO airstrikes on the Afghan border left 24 Pakistani soldiers dead. The cross-border attack by NATO aircraft came at a critical juncture in relations. The two nations were just starting to warm up to each other after a year of serious military and diplomatic setbacks.
  • Romney On Immigration: Sorting Through The Record
    The former Massachusetts governor has been unofficially running for president for the better part of five years, and in that time, he has been asked about immigration over and over. Now some of Mitt Romney's rivals are arguing that his answers to the question have been inconsistent.
  • Mitt Romney's Evolution On Abortion
    When it comes to abortion, the former governor of Massachusetts appears to have changed his position, from being in favor of abortion rights to being opposed. But now some are asking if Romney ever supported abortion rights at all? Backers of abortion rights don't think so.
  • Egyptian Stocks Open Higher On Election News
    Peaceful voting in Egypt has given the country's stock market a boost. Cairo's market was closed on Monday when the landmark elections started. When trading opened Tuesday, the benchmark stock index surged more than 5 percent.
  • Judge Rejects Citigroup, SEC Settlement
    A federal judge has nixed a $285 million settlement between Citigroup and the Securities and Exchange Commission. He said the deal was "neither fair, nor adequate nor in the public interest." The settlement dealt with Citigroup's handling of subprime mortgage debt prior to the financial crisis.
  • Demand For Denver Apartments Outstrips Supply
    The housing crisis has stalled home building but apartment construction is undergoing a bit of a renaissance. There's now a huge pool of people forced to rent because they can't afford to buy a home, or they were a victim of foreclosure. In Denver, there aren't enough apartment vacancies.

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