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Monday, November 22, 2010

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  • Primer: The Difference Between Deficits And Debts
    Both Republicans and Democrats say they want to cut the government's budget deficit and say Americans should be worried about the national debt. Budget expert Joe Minarik of the Committee for Economic Development has met with members of Congress, who are cloudy on the difference between debts and deficits. Minarik explains the differences to Steve Inskeep and why they matter.
  • More Baby Boomers Enroll In Medicare Part D Plans
    It's open enrollment time and seniors will find changes this year when they sign up for Medicare prescription drug benefits, called Part D plans. About two million new baby boomers are expected to enroll this year.
  • Discontent Swells In Hosni Mubarak's Egypt
    Hosni Mubarak is Egypt's longest serving ruler since the mid-19th century. But not all Egyptians are happy that he may run for president again next year. After 29 years under Mubarak, many Egyptians are fed up with enduring poverty and police abuses.
  • Protesters: Afghan War Is A Drain On Europe
    Support for the Afghan war has increasingly soured in Europe. Voters there are questioning the mission of the nine-year-old conflict and the drain on debt-riddled economies. In Portugal, protesters took to the streets of Lisbon to register their opposition as NATO leaders closed out their conference.
  • Siblings Share Genes, But Rarely Personalities
    Many siblings couldn't be more different from each other even though they share genes and environment. Take brothers Tom and Eric Hoebbel (above), whose personalities and lives are radically different. No one knows for sure why some siblings' lives diverge as much as they do, but there are three major theories that try to explain why.
  • Ireland Applies For Emergency EU Loan
    The European Union and the International Monetary Fund are hammering out details of an emergency funding package for Ireland. Officials in Dublin resisted outside help for weeks, but on Sunday agreed to a three-year bailout package to keep their banks and their government from failing.
  • Chrysler Buyout: Was Taking It A Big Mistake?
    As Detroit car companies return to profitability, some workers who took buyouts are wondering if they made the right choice. Changing Gears, a new public radio project from the Midwest Public Media Collaborative, has the story of two veteran Chrysler workers who reacted differently to the same buyout offer.
  • Disgrace Insurance Tailored For Celebrity Pitchmen
    Tiger Woods has lost millions of dollars in sponsorships because of scandal. But he's hardly the only big name to annoy companies which put a star at the center of their branding campaigns. Disgrace insurance has been around for decades but it's become more prevalent in recent years.
  • Facility Speeds North's Korea's Nuclear Ability
    North Korean has a new laboratory for enriching uranium. David Sanger, of The New York Times, talks to Steve Inskeep about North Korea's confirmation of the facility. Sanger is author of the book, The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power, which details uranium enrichment efforts.
  • Flyers, Politicians Riled Up Over Scans, Pat-Downs
    Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole says the agency will work to make airport screening "as minimally invasive as possible." The procedures have angered the public and politicians. Also discussed: Sarah Palin's new book and plans for President Obama to meet with corporate CEOs.

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