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Monday, November 21, 2011

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  • Egyptian Police, Protesters Clash For 3rd Day
    In Egypt, thousands of demonstrators are out on the streets again Monday. Over the weekend, soldiers and police set fire to protesters' tents in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Thousands of protesters demanding military rulers quickly transfer power to a civilian government were driven out of the square.
  • Santorum: Early Political Work Influences Him Still
    Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says he learned to run a lean campaign from a former Pennsylvania state senator's wife. Now he's employing those skills in Iowa, hoping to stun the political establishment with a surprise win in January.
  • In India, Spreading A Green Gospel Among Pilgrims
    Every year, millions of Sikhs flock to the holy city of Amritsar in northern India, adding heavily to the city's carbon footprint. Now, officials and activists are encouraging environmentally friendly practices such as using solar energy and reducing waste.
  • Bringing A Bollywood Celebre-Baby Into The World
    Last week, a Bollywood superstar couple welcomed a newborn girl to their famous family. Commentator Sandip Roy looks at the fascination with the birth of India's best-known baby.
  • 'Boring' Rajoy Picked To Save Spain From Default
    The mountain of debt accumulated by Greece and Italy crushed those countries' prime ministers. Spain, too, is ushering in new leadership after Sunday's parliamentary elections. Spaniard Jorge Belena says, "All politicians are very boring," but incoming Prime Minister Mariano Rajo is "especially boring."
  • Shortage Of ADHD Drugs Has Parents, Doctors Scrambling
    For reasons that are unclear, in recent months the hard-to-get drugs include ADHD medications such as Adderall. Last week, methylphenidate, the active ingredient in Ritalin and generic equivalents, was officially declared in shortage. The scarcity is a problem faced by an untold number of children and adults with the disorder.
  • What's To Love And Loathe About Chocolate Milk?
    Across the country, schools are tossing flavored milk out of lunchrooms as part of an effort to address the childhood obesity epidemic. Meanwhile, endurance athletes are increasingly embracing chocolate milk as a recovery drink. And there's some science to back that trend.
  • McDonald's, Target Drop Sparboe, Buffett In Japan
    McDonald's and Target have severed ties with Sparboe Farms, one of the country's main egg producers, after an animal rights group released video of workers treating the chickens cruelly. Meanwhile, investor Warren Buffett is in Japan for a factory opening in Fukushima Prefecture, the area hit hardest by the March earthquake and tsunami.
  • Using Battelle Technology And Don't Know It?
    Battelle isn't exactly a household name but the Ohio nonprofit is responsible for everyday items like the Xerox copy, compact discs and even bar codes. Those are the inventions Battelle publicly takes credit for. There are countless others, but the Columbus-based organization stays under the radar because it develops these products for large corporations confidentially. This report is from the Midwest reporting project Changing Gears.
  • eBay To Open A Pop Up Shop In London
    Many brick-and-mortar retailers have tried to sell on the web. And now one of the biggest e-commerce companies is setting up a brick and mortar store — if only a temporary one. eBay is opening a pop up shop in a busy commercial area of London next week with that hope that people will stop by and make online purchases.

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