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Monday, November 10, 2008

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  • Black Churches Celebrate Obama's Historic Win
    Many African Americans who gathered in churches across the country Sunday to worship also gave thanks for the election of Barack Obama.
  • Will Obama Sign Off On New Afghan Strategy?
    President-elect Barack Obama will have to grapple with conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will have to decide whether to negotiate with members of the Taliban as a way of stemming the violence in Afghanistan. The idea is supported by the new chief of the U.S. Central Command, Gen. David Petraeus, who used a similar tactic as part of a broader strategy in Iraq.
  • Hamas Boycotts Reconciliation Talks With Fatah
    The two main Palestinian factions have been bitterly divided since fighting in the streets of the Gaza Strip more than a year ago. Hamas and Fatah were supposed to meet in Egypt this week for reconciliation talks, but Hamas is boycotting them. The breakdown points to the entrenched divisions between Hamas and Fatah.
  • Plants: The Fuel Of The Future?
    Researchers in Berkeley, Calif., are working on new technologies to convert plant cellulose into a fuel that could directly replace diesel and gasoline. But even if they figure out the recipe, there are still obstacles to competing with fossil fuels.
  • South African Singer Miriam Makeba Dies
    Grammy award-winning South African singer Miriam Makeba has died. The singer known as "Mama Africa" was a symbol for the anti-apartheid movement. She reportedly suffered a heart attack after performing at an anti-mafia concert Sunday in southern Italy. She was 76.
  • Justice Leader's Job: Renew A Battered Agency
    The Justice Department is emerging from what many have called its most tumultuous period in decades. A new attorney general will have to restore the department's credibility and work to counter perceptions that law enforcement decisions have become politicized.
  • Hope Out Of The Box
    One of the main themes of Barack Obama's presidential campaign was hope. Hope means different things to different people — including young people. Hope can be a positive and a negative force in their lives.
  • Fed, Treasury Announce New Aid For AIG
    The government is providing new financial assistance to troubled insurance giant American International Group. It includes pouring $40 billion into the company in return for partial ownership. The action was announced jointly by the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department Monday morning. All told the moves boost aid to the company to around $150 billion.
  • China Unveils $586 Billion Stimulus Package
    Asian stock markets rose sharply after China announced a $586 billion economic stimulus package aimed at countering the effects of the global slowdown on China's booming economy.
  • Obama Expected To Appoint A Technology Czar
    President-elect Barack Obama is expected to create a position of chief technology officer. Technology commentator Mario Armstrong says the position is important because some agencies already have chief information officers, and the effort needs to be centralized to make sure everybody is using the latest technology.

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