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Thursday, November 1, 2007

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  • Turkey Threatens Economic Sanctions on Kurds
    Turkey is preparing other steps in a battle against Kurdish militant groups. The Kurds live on both sides of the border and depend on trade that crosses that line. So it's significant that Turkey is threatening economic sanctions, accusing Iraq's Kurdish leadership of being a terrorist organization.
  • FBI Investigates Blackwater Shooting in Iraq
    FBI agents return from Iraq where they were gathering evidence in a shooting incident involving contractors Blackwater USA. The FBI purchased bullet-riddled and burned out vehicles to perform high-tech tests. Blackwater's agents are accused of killing 17 Iraqi civilians.
  • Hurricane Katrina Victims' Mental Health Worsens
    A new report on the mental health of Hurricane Katrina victims shows patterns in the Gulf Coast that are contrary to post traumatic stress disorder usually seen after major disasters. The mental health of Hurricane Katrina victims is worsening with the drawn out recovery time.
  • New Orleans Out to Revive Jewish Community
    Jewish leaders in New Orleans embark on a campaign to lure Jews from around the country to the Crescent City. More than a fourth of its Jewish community didn't come back after Hurricane Katrina, a discouragement for the small number of Jewish families who call New Orleans home.
  • Oprah Investigates Abuse at S. African School
    Police in South Africa are investigating allegations of sexual and physical abuse by a matron at the Oprah Winfrey boarding school outside Johannesburg. The school has suspended the principal and two matrons and has offered counseling to its 150 boarders.
  • Getting Brain Food Straight from the Source
    Eating the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish has its benefits for the developing brain, but some women are advised to eat only limited amounts due to concerns about mercury. But one lab is cooking up brain food from where fish get it: algae.
  • FTC to Study Online Information
    The Federal Trade Commission is set to open hearings on online advertising and information privacy. Web tracking technology is growing more sophisticated. Now advertisers can beam specific ads your way based on the Web sites you have visited.
  • Fed Rate Cut Jolts Gold, Oil, Stocks
    The price of gold hit a 28-year high, topping $800 an ounce, after the Federal Reserve decided to cut interest rates by a quarter point. It was the second cut by the Fed this year. The move to spark the economy comes as the price of a barrel of oil broaches $100.
  • Collective Wisdom: 'We Are Smarter Than Me'
    When Barry Libert and Jon Spector set out to explore how social networking might help businesses, they allowed just about anyone with an idea to help write the book. Thousands of people contributed to We Are Smarter Than Me, which is about the wisdom of crowds.
  • Wikipedia Tracks Changes to Encyclopedia
    Wikipedia Vision is a new online map which spins across the globe, tracking the changes people make to the encyclopedia. You can see what was edited, when and where. So this morning we know that someone in Hong Kong changed the definition of a Rolls Royce Phantom.

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