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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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  • New York, New Jersey Hit Hard By Superstorm Sandy
    Water washed over parts of Manhattan on Monday night, like heavy seas coming over the deck of a ship. Meanwhile, the eye of the storm came ashore in New Jersey. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne speak with Jeff Brady in New Jersey, Jon Hamilton in Washington and Robert Smith in New York for a look at the damage and what's to come.
  • Days Before Election, Sandy Brings A Twist
    President Obama has canceled re-election campaign events Tuesday in Colorado and Wisconsin, staying in Washington to oversee the federal response to Sandy. Republican challenger Mitt Romney has also scaled back his campaigning. The superstorm has introduced a new and unpredictable element into the presidential race, just one week before Election Day.
  • NPR Poll Finds Presidential Race Too Close To Call
    The latest NPR Battleground Poll shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holding the narrowest of leads in the national sample, but trailing President Obama in the dozen states that will decide the election. The poll adds evidence that the Oct. 3 debate between the two men redefined the race.
  • Obama Campaign Slams Romney's Jeep Ad
    Superstorm Sandy has become the main focus of both candidates, but what politicking does remain has Toledo, Ohio, and its Jeep plant at its center. The campaigns are fighting over Mitt Romney's claim that all Jeep jobs are heading to China. Chrysler and the Obama campaign say that's not true.
  • As Coasts Flood, Inland Areas See Blizzards
    Sandy has created havoc up and down the East Coast, but it's now causing blizzards inland as well. Steve Inskeep speaks with NPR's Jon Hamilton to explain that and the science behind the storm; and to NPR's Dan Charles in West Virginia, where snow has blanketed part of the state.
  • Could Romney Repeal The Health Law? It Wouldn't Be Easy
    Stopping the Affordable Care Act may be harder than the law's opponents realize. For one thing, if he's elected, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney can't just grant waivers letting states ignore the law on his first day as president.
  • Superstorm's Toll Could Reach $20 Billion
    Early projections estimate economic losses from the storm could reach up to $20 billion, according to one insurance industry firm's analysis. This takes into account the shutting down of New York's financial district, major oil refineries in New Jersey, and thousands of stores and businesses across the Eastern Seaboard.
  • Travel At A Near Standstill Along The East Coast
    Travel is at a virtual standstill along the East Coast because of Sandy. Up to 15,000 flights have been canceled, Amtrak service in the Northeast is shut down again today, and crews are just beginning to assess the extensive cleanup work needed to clear roads and tracks.
  • Random House, Penguin To Merge
    The parent companies of publishers Random House and Penguin have announced they are merging the two publishing companies. The joint venture will create a large and well-resourced company with the goal of remaining profitable as e-books threaten publishers' traditional business model.
  • In New York, Many TV Shows Don't Go On
    Many national TV shows are taped before live audiences in New York — except without a subway, there was no way for the audience to get there. So cue the cancellations: Live with Kelly, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and a special week's worth of Jimmy Kimmel broadcasts were canceled Monday. David Letterman did do his show — without the audience.

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