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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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  • Fed Expected To Cut Rates At Meeting
    The Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates Wednesday by at least a half-percentage point to 1 percent. Economists believe the Fed will cut rates because of the current financial turmoil and fears that there might be a prolonged recession.
  • Firms Blame Financial Woes On Accounting Rule
    Under mark-to-market accounting, companies are required to value their assets according to how much they would get right away in a sale. Firms say that makes balance sheets look overly rosy in good times — and distorts and undervalues assets in bad times.
  • Analyzing Barack Obama's Worldview
    The presidential candidates' experiences abroad have shaped their worldviews, and those views offer clues about how they would govern. Both John McCain and Barack Obama have expressed those views in memoirs. Newsweek editor Jon Meacham talks about views expressed in Obama's books.
  • Calif.'s Prop 2 Could Be Farm Animals' Best Friend
    California's Proposition 2 asks voters to decide whether farm animals need more room to move. Supporters say the current conditions amount to animal cruelty. Opponents say if the measure passes, it would damage the state's egg industry.
  • What Should Voters Expect At The Polls?
    A recent CNN poll found that more than 40 percent of those surveyed weren't confident their votes would be accurately cast and counted. With record turnout anticipated, what should voters be ready for at the polls?
  • We Compile Election Sound So You Don't Have To
    After nearly two years of campaign ads, gaffes and laughs, the 2008 presidential election is less than one week away. Some of the campaign's greatest hits have been put together in a compilation not available in stores. Here's a very special offer for all you news junkies and political flunkies.
  • Time Inc. To Cut 6 Percent Of Its Work Force
    Magazines and newspapers are already suffering as readers migrate to the Internet, but the financial crisis has made it worse. Time Inc. is the latest media company to announce job cuts to save costs. The company will slash up to 600 positions within its magazine empire.
  • Obama Campaign Ad Blitz Unprecedented
    Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama bought a half-hour of advertising time Wednesday to sell his candidacy to voters. The prime-time ad will air on most major broadcast networks.
  • Internet Companies To Sign Conduct Code
    The "Global Network Initiative" is a code of conduct for Internet companies that do business in countries where governments censor or interfere in the Internet and media. Leslie Harris, president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, talks about the proposed principles that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have signed off on.
  • An Internet That's Out Of This World
    Vint Cerf, the man widely regarded as the father of the Internet, is working with NASA to create an Internet for the rest of the solar system. When the U.S. sends devices into space, it uses radio communication systems tailored to individual spacecraft. Cerf is trying to create a standard protocol that can be used by various spacecraft.

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