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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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  • Fabled Santa Ana Winds Fuel Wildfires in California
    The Santa Ana winds driving California's wildfires are fabled. Some call them the Santa Anas and others call them the devil's breath. While they make the winters warm and pleasant by blowing the worst air pollution out to sea, they can also spawn massive infernos.
  • Senate Committee Debates Farm Bill
    A Senate committee takes up the farm bill. They are finding it difficult to rein in the automatic payments that go to commodity crop farmers. Critics say the bill continues to the benefit of a small number of big farms.
  • Europe Deals with Growing Cocaine Trade
    Cocaine is becoming a bigger problem in Spain and elsewhere in Europe because of its increasing availability. It's leading to a rise in police crackdowns and centers that treat addiction to the drug.
  • Dems Test Bush's Pledge to Veto Budget-Busters
    Congressional Democrats are putting President Bush to the test on his pledge to veto spending bills costing more than what he requested. On Tuesday, the Senate passed a health and education funding bill that exceeds the president's budget by almost $9 billion.
  • Countrywide to Adjust Loans for At-Risk Borrowers
    Countrywide Financial Corp., the nation's largest mortgage lender, will begin calling borrowers to offer refinancing or modifications on $16 billion in loans whose interest rates are set to adjust by the end of 2008.
  • In Dallas, a Hip-Hop Plea: Pull Your Pants Up
    A Dallas official says saggy pants have sunk to a new low in the city. He briefly considered an ordinance banning low-slung pants, but instead launched a hip-hop campaign with a simple message: Pull Your Pants Up.
  • Merrill Lynch Outlook Grim from Credit Crisis
    Merrill Lynch & Co., the investment brokerage and financial services firm, is expected to announce an added loss of more than $2 billion. That's on top of $5 billion of write-downs announced earlier this month. It's the biggest loss for any Wall Street firm.
  • California Wildfires Fuel, Choke Work
    California's wildfires are keeping firefighters, public safety officers, and rescue workers busier than ever. But businesses are telling workers to stay home in order to keep freeways clear and allow emergency vehicles and people needing to evacuate to move around freely.
  • Harvard Square's New Businesses Annoy Neighbors
    Harvard Square is no longer a scruffy neighborhood of quirky, independent businesses. Locals are grumbling about chain stores ruining the area. Harvard University, which owns a lot of the real estate on the Square, is sensitive to the criticism and says it's not really justified.
  • Baseball's World Series Set to Start in Boston
    Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox, the famous underdogs of baseball, are in the World Series playoffs. Even though they broke their 86-year losing streak when they beat the New York Yankees in 2004, Red Sox fans still think of them as the underdogs despite the high payroll.

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