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Monday, October 22, 2007

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  • Guest Worker Program Under Review
    Some U.S. farmers face such a labor shortage that they might forego planting. They are the latest group affected by a clash over illegal immigration. With Congress debating how to bring in more labor legally, big farmers, and the Bush administration are looking for answers.
  • Farmers May Switch Crops Due to Labor Shortage
    Farmers may change their crops due to the shortage of immigrant labor. Of all crops, fresh fruits and vegetables are the most labor intensive. Lettuce, strawberries and broccoli all have to be picked by hand. In Arizona, one farmer passes on chili peppers to plant corn, which is harvested by machine.
  • Cocaine Finds a New Latin American Home
    Colombia's increased anti-trafficking measures have led its country's drug traffickers to seek out a new way to ship the drug out of South America. Often, that way is through Venezuela.
  • World Bank Chief Targets Climate Change
    World financial leaders conclude meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The annual meetings are the first for the World Bank's new president, Robert Zoellick, who says the developed world has to take the lead in helping poor countries with debt and climate change.
  • Kurdish Rebels Attack Turkish Force at Border
    Kurdish militants assail Turkish soldiers, leaving at least a dozen people dead and raising fears that Turkey will retaliate by sending troops across the border into Iraq in pursuit of the Kurdish rebels known as the PKK.
  • Life in War: Journalist's Assignment in Iraq Ends
    A radio producer reflects on his years covering the war in Iraq as well as what it's like to live and work in the region. Car bombs, insurgent attacks, kidnappings and civil war were dominant. Further, millions of Iraqis have been either killed or forced to flee the country.
  • Wall Streets Hopes for Upbeat Earnings Reports
    Wall Street braces for more earnings reports, hoping for upbeat news after the Dow Jones industrial average fell 366.94 Friday. That day was the 20th anniversary of the Black Monday crash, when stocks fell 22 percent in one day.
  • Competition Increases for Online Medical Records
    Two tech giants are getting into the online medical records market. Google and Microsoft are offering services that will let users store medical information on a single centralized Web-based service.
  • Israel Pushes Solar Energy Technology
    Israeli engineers are on the cutting edge of solar energy technology. The Negev desert gets 330 sunny days a year, and some solar energy companies are making billions of dollars abroad. One Israeli company runs several solar plants in California.
  • Web Site Lets Consumers Offset Personal Carbon
    Ecological e-commerce comes by way of a new Web site, the PopTech Carbon Initiative. It's part of the online auction site eBay. First, you calculate the tons of carbon dioxide you use in your life. Then you offset your guilt by giving money to environmental organizations.

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