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Morning Edition
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Blandin survey: Demand for jobs is top rural concern
    The Blandin Foundation's Rural Pulse survey polled more than a thousand people living outside the metro area in cities smaller than 35,000. The survey reveals a mix of worry over the economy and confidence in the future.7:16 a.m.
  • Visiting Karmel MallSwedish delegation seeks answers to Somali success
    In the past five years alone, Somali Minnesotans have established about 1,500 businesses, according to local estimates. That figure is nearly incomprehensible in Sweden, where the Somali community is largely struggling and out of work.7:20 a.m.
  • Brandon Meriweather, Todd HeapMayo researchers applaud tougher concussion rules
    Doctors attending a concussion summit at the Mayo Clinic welcomed the news about the NFL issuing fines and possibly suspending players for violent hits.7:46 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Investors May Force Banks To Buy Back Faulty Loans
    A new mortgage-related headache is threatening the nation's largest banks. Many investors -- some representing as much as $50 billion in mortgage-backed securities -- want to send back their bad loans to the originators such as Bank of America, which took over the notorious subprime lender Countrywide.
  • Kentucky Senate Race Heats Up Over Attack Ad
    Democrats have a good chance to pick up the seat held by Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who's retiring. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, a Democrat, is running against Republican Rand Paul. Conway's recent attack ad highlights Paul's involvement in a college prank at Baylor University some 25 years ago.
  • In Iraq, Counting Heads Is A Political Headache
    Iraq's first census in decades is delayed amid a dispute over power, land and resources, especially near the Kurdish-controlled north. The exercise is one part of a plan to ease Kurdish-Arab tensions.
  • Brazilian Companies Capitalize On Power Naps
    Brazil has a reputation for being laid-back but a booming economy has Brazilians working long hours. Entrepreneurs are taking aim at the increasingly stressed business person by selling power naps.
  • Indian Farmers Agree To Government Settlement
    The federal government has agreed to pay $680 million to Native American farmers and ranchers, who say they were unfairly denied agricultural loans and other assistance because of their race. The government also agreed to forgive another $80 million in debts.
  • Oil Spill Legacy: 'Obama's Katrina'? Probably Not
    For all the hand-wringing and breathless forecasts, the oil spill does not appear to have done lasting political damage to the president or his party. Still, every day President Obama was forced to spend on the spill was a day he couldn't devote to his own agenda.
  • 'Cookie-Cutter' Ads Dominate, Coast-To-Coast
    Along with their often sketchy claims, there's another common thread in this year's political ads -- they repeat the same lines in state after state and district after district as the major parties hammer home just a few themes.
  • Administration Expected To Sell Arms To Saudi Arabia
    The Obama administration is expected to tell Congress Wednesday that it plans to sell up to $60 billion worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. The deal would include scores of new fighter planes, helicopters and missiles.
  • Intel Plans To Expand In Oregon, Arizona
    Computer chip maker Intel is generating up to 1,000 new permanent jobs, and as many as 8,000 construction jobs. Intel will build a new semiconductor plant in Oregon and upgrade four existing plants in Oregon and Arizona.
  • Sanctions Against Iran Hurt Persian Rug Importers
    New U.S. economic sanctions were imposed against Iran this month. Whether the sanctions will have the intended effect on Iran's government is uncertain. But they'll certainly cause hardship for some Iranian workers and those American companies that import Iranian goods.

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