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Morning Edition
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Michele Bachmann, Steve KingObama signs budget deal; Bachmann was lone Minnesota delegate to vote 'no'
    The government shutdown lasted more than two weeks and led to a near-default on the national debt. It also prompted a bruising internal debate within the GOP between those who believed that tough tactics would lead to the dismantling of the Affordable Care Act and those who believed that goal was out of reach.6:50 a.m.
  • Jherek Bischoff and SPCO musiciansJherek Bischoff makes something new by mixing classical and rock music
    On Friday Jherek Bischoff brings his unique blend of rock and classical music to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, where he will perform with musicians from the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and Channy Leaneagh, lead singer for the popular local band Polica.7:25 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Budget Process Isn't Over. Are More Shutdowns Ahead?
    By wide margins in both the House and the Senate, Congress voted Wednesday night to end a 16-day partial government shutdown. The measure also delays the debt ceiling deadline until early February. House and Senate Budget committees have until Dec. 13 to reconcile competing budgets.
  • Government Workers Must Get The Wheel Turning Again
    President Obama has signed legislation that ends the partial government shutdown and raises the U.S. debt ceiling. The Office of Management and Budget says federal employees should report to work Thursday. But it will take some time until all the agencies are back up to speed.
  • Kerry Says He Hopes Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Shipped Out Of Region
    Weapons inspectors are still in Syria assessing the country's stockpile and how to destroy it. It's unclear where the weapons would go if they were sent abroad, but there are signs that such a move is under consideration.
  • If A Tech Company Had Built The Federal Health Care Website
    The rollout of the health care exchange has been plagued by a host of technical problems. Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley likely would have approached the website differently from the beginning — one former startup employee says that has to do with how projects are funded.
  • Experts Debate How Best To Remove Syria's Chemical Weapons
    Secretary of State John Kerry says he's hoping Syria's chemical weapons stockpiles can be consolidated quickly and shipped out of the country. Experts say it is possible, but risky. International chemical weapons experts are still mapping out Syria's stockpiles to see what can be moved.
  • The Roots Of Franchising Took Hold In A Hair Salon Chain
    Franchising is commonplace throughout the retail and service economy, whose pioneers included a former servant turned hair salon owner in the late 19th century. Such businesses are not for everyone, but Gary Robins, who owns dozens of Supercuts, says the setup has allowed him to grow more quickly than if he were on his own.
  • U.S. Economy Takes A Hit After Partial Government Shutdown
    Standard & Poor's estimates the 16-day government shutdown cost the U.S. economy roughly $24 billion. Because of that, the credit rating agency says it is lowering its estimate for U.S. economic growth in the fourth quarter to just over 2 percent.
  • Financial Markets React Positively To U.S. Debt Deal
    Congress has approved an 11th-hour measure to end a partial government shutdown and pull the country back from the brink of a historic debt default. Now that a financial calamity has been avoided, how did overseas markets react?
  • Grandma Exodus: German Seniors Look To Poland For Care
    A recent U.N. study rated Germany high in quality of life for seniors. Even so many Germans spend their final days in Eastern European countries like Poland where elder care is less expensive. The practice has some asking whether it's wrong to send loved ones far away to save money.
  • British Police Auction Off Some Confiscated Luxury Assets
    Vincent Graham operated a drug ring in England before police arrested him a couple of years ago. Upon his arrest, police also seized some of Graham's personal belongings: Jet skis, motorcycles, a Lamborghini and other luxury cars. Those are items that Graham will no longer need now that he's in prison.

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