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Thursday, October 16, 2008

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  • Final McCain, Obama Debate Personal, Pointed
    Election Day is less than three weeks away, and many people tuned in to Wednesday's debate to decide which candidate to vote for. Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama sat across from each other at Hofstra University in New York. They both got in some good jabs, but there were no game-changing moments.
  • Crime, Politics Causing Many To Leave South Africa
    Young South Africans are leaving the country for safer, less tumultuous places. Some are worried about the nation's new political leadership, but most say they are scared away by crime. The exodus is creating fears of a brain drain.
  • Thanksgiving How-To: Your Questions
    Are you cooking for Thanksgiving this year? It doesn't have to be stressful. Chris Kimball, founder of Cooks' Illustrated magazine, will help answer your questions.
  • Europe Unified To Fight Global Financial Crisis
    European Union leaders, meeting in Brussels, have endorsed the emergency bailout plan for the banking sector that was put into action last weekend. They also are in favor of revamping the world's financial system to try to avoid a repeat of the money market crisis. The 27 leaders also discussed climate change and relations with Russia, which has pulled back troops from much of Georgia.
  • Multitasking In The Car: Just Like Drunken Driving
    Drivers may feel comfortable chatting on their cell phones while navigating the streets. But brain researchers find it's a dangerous combination, even with a hands-free device.
  • Stomach-Churning Drop On Global Markets
    There was a moment of hope earlier this week when U.S. officials rolled out details of their plan to rescue the banking system. But that has already given way to fears about a slowing global economy. Japan's leading stock index plunged more than 11 percent. That follows Wednesday's sharp tumble in U.S. stock prices. Japan's prime minister called the American bailout "insufficient." In other Asian stock markets, prices plummeted. And in Europe, stock prices began the day trading lower as well.
  • U.S. Mint Needs Midas Touch
    With the stock market in decline, the demand for gold has been huge. However, the U.S. Mint has run out of some of its popular gold bullion coins, and it won't make any more of them this year. That has left buyers and sellers on their own kind of roller-coaster.
  • Is Cable TV Recession-Proof?
    In the past, the entertainment industry was thought to be recession-proof. Even when people are tightening their belts, they still want to watch TV. But some analysts say maybe not this time. People who watched free broadcast TV during the last economic downturn might drop their pricey cable packages this time around.
  • Super Cheap Gas, 35 Cents, A Big Mistake
    The price of oil has fallen to $72 a barrel, and gas prices have been coming down as well. But at a gas station in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., prices seemed to overshoot the mark. For more than an hour Monday, drivers jammed into the station to fill up for 35 cents a gallon. It wasn't a special deal. It was a technical problem with the pump. The actual price was $3.43 cents a gallon.
  • Double-Checking Candidates' Claims In Last Debate
    Presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain debated Wednesday night at Hofstra University in New York. Renee Montagne talks with NPR reporters Chris Arnold, David Welna, Julie Rovner, David Schaper and Peter Overby to find out whether the candidates had their facts straight in their final debate before the election.

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