Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Friday, October 15, 2010

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Mark SeeleyClimatologist highlights warm October
    MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about the extended period of warm and dry weather so far in October in Minnesota.6:50 a.m.
  • Margaret Anderson KelliherSpeaker looks toward to special session
    State legislators are due to return to the Capitol on Monday for a special session to vote on funding for cleanup, repairs, and other relief for 21 counties hit by recent flooding. Earlier this week, the federal government announced it would provide disaster relief as well. While they're in session, state lawmakers are also expected to consider assistance for areas of northern Minnesota damaged by tornadoes and severe storms earlier this summer. Meanwhile, some lawmakers want to broaden the scope of the special session to toughen anti-bullying laws.7:16 a.m.
  • Health care debate, Sept. 24thDebate overload? Gov. candidates will spar 25 times by Election Day
    One national political analyst notes that there have been more gubernatorial debates in Minnesota this year than in all the other states combined. The three meet for another debate today at the University of Minnesota.7:20 a.m.
  • Investigating a groupPolice work to keep pace as gangs become more fluid
    Police and others who study gang activity say gangs have changed in ways that make it harder for law enforcement to keep tabs on where the gangs operate.7:36 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • NPR Poll Offers Sliver Of Hope For Democrats
    An NPR survey of likely voters in battleground districts finds while the overall field still tilts to the GOP, Democrats are closing the gap in some places. But the bad news for Democrats is that more of their seats are now at risk.
  • Sanchez, Tran Race Marked By Ethnic Friction
    Democrat Loretta Sanchez has trounced her GOP challengers since winning the House seat 14 years ago. But this year she has a formidable challenger, Van Tran has solid backing from the large Vietnamese community in the Southern California district. A racially-charged comment from Sanchez has her on the defensive.
  • James Franco Doesn't Limit Himself To Just Acting
    Actor James Franco plays Allen Ginsberg in the new movie Howl. Franco is a prolific reader, writes short stories and poetry. He also models, paints and plays a character named Franco on the soap opera "General Hospital." And in his free time, he's pursuing a Ph.D. at Yale.
  • 'Red': Armed, Dangerous, Downright Smug About It
    Heavy on the violence and not funny enough to make up for it, Red is an action comedy that tries a little too hard. Though it has a stellar cast (Helen Mirren is a joy to watch), the film ends up feeling a little too full of itself.
  • Liberace Museum Closes Its Glittery Gates
    The museum was once one of the most-visited attractions in Las Vegas. But after Sunday, the black mink cape lined with 40,000 Swarovski crystals, the Rolls Royce covered in little mirrors and the mirror-encrusted Baldwin grand will go into storage.
  • Modern-Day 'Great Game' Plays Out In Baluchistan
    Almost since Pakistan's birth, its government has been battling a low-level insurgency in the southwest region of Baluchistan. Its strategic position and natural resources are attracting the involvement of foreign powers, which are making the insurgency worse.
  • Exhibition Reminds Britons Of Previous Afghan Wars
    The British intervened three times in Afghanistan in the 80 years up to 1919. It was the western frontier of their empire, the gateway to their most precious possession, India. They wanted to keep the Russians out. The new exhibition at the National Army Museum in London has relevance today.
  • New 401k Fee Disclosure Rules Released
    Saving for retirement may become a little easier for the 72 million U.S. workers enrolled in 401(k)-type savings plans. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has announced that starting in 2012, employers will have to fully disclose the fees charged on plans, and provide performance data for mutual funds.
  • Few Takers In China For U.S. View On Currency Value
    It is an article of faith in the U.S. that the undervalued yuan is responsible for many of America's economic woes. But it is an article of faith in China that U.S. politicians are twisting a complex economic issue for political gain.
  • Reminder: Saturday Is National Boss Day
    Each year National Boss Day falls on Oct. 16. That is Saturday. The day was started in 1958 by a secretary who wanted to honor her boss, who was also her dad.

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