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Thursday, October 14, 2010

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  • 'Nonpolitical' Groups Target Democrats In Ad Blitz
    The law allows the groups to accept unlimited donations, and they don't have to report their donors. That coupled with the U.S. Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling means there's a wide-open path for corporate money to flow into partisan politics.
  • Reports: Rattner To Settle SEC Charges
    Steven Rattner, who was appointed by president Obama last year to head the government's auto industry task force, reportedly has agreed to settle with the SEC over claims he organized kickbacks involving New York's state pension fund.
  • Two Americans Become Al-Qaida Media Strategists
    Adam Gadahn and Anwar al-Awlaki are among a select group of Americans who have joined up with terrorist groups and were elevated to senior positions within them.
  • EPA Rules That Fuel Can Contain More Ethanol
    Gasoline may soon contain more ethanol after an Environmental Protection Agency decision Wednesday. The EPA is now allowing up to 15 percent ethanol in gas, but only for cars made after 2007. Oil companies and auto manufacturers are sparring with the ethanol industry over whether more ethanol in fuel will damage cars' engines.
  • Beijing Blocks Travelers To Christian Conference
    At least 11 Chinese Christians planning to attend a global evangelical gathering in South Africa have been barred from leaving the country, and many others have come under pressure. Many fear Beijing is cracking down on Christians who worship outside the official church.
  • Hospitals Go Doctor Shopping To Help Bottom Line
    Hospitals are buying doctor practices at an increasing rate. They say it helps the quality of medicine, but it also helps a hospital's bottom line by providing a steady stream of patient referrals. One North Carolina hospital is out to hire the best doctors in town, and those just getting out of medical school.
  • AOL, Equity Firms Rumored To Buy Yahoo
    AOL and several private equity firms may make an offer to buy Yahoo. Both AOL and Yahoo have struggled to compete against Google for Internet advertising. Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo two years ago for nearly $50 billion. But Yahoo snubbed the offer then.
  • Dozens Charged In Medicare Scam
    Federal prosecutors have charged 73 people with running a massive criminal enterprise that cheated Medicare out of $163 million. Defendants are accused of racketeering conspiracy, bank fraud, money laundering and identity theft.
  • Fed Chief To Discuss Economic Outlook
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will soon lay out the Fed's latest plan to stimulate the economy. David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal, talks to Renee Montagne about whether the central bank will be able to revive the economy, and whether the plan is risky.
  • Flavor Funnel Solves Movie Popcorn Problem
    At the ShowEast trade show in Orlando, companies are showing off the latest movie-going technology. Including the Flavor Funnel by Baja Innovations. It solves an age-old problem of movie popcorn: not enough butter. A perforated plastic tube spreads melted butter evenly through a bag of popcorn.

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