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Morning Edition
Thursday, October 5, 2006

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Close, but not close enoughGame 2: Hunter misplays ball into Twins loss
    A Mark Kotsay blooper turned into a game-winning inside-the-park homerun at the Metrodome, where the Twins have now lost seven straight postseason games.7:20 a.m.
  • Symposium addresses alarming rise in number of women offenders
    Researchers and law enforcement officials gather at the University of Minnesota today to discuss why women comprise the fastest growing segment of the prison population. Fill-in host Perry Finelli spoke with Freddie Davis-English, an official with Hennepin County Community Corrections, on the issues facing women in the criminal justice system.7:49 a.m.
  • Paul WellstoneHistory Theatre goes political with 'Wellstone!'
    St. Paul's History Theatre goes political this season with its world-premiere production of "Wellstone!" based on the life of the late U.S. senator from Minnesota.8:24 a.m.
  • Starting overUninsured Minnesotans unsure about mandated health care coverage
    The legislative debate over mandatory health coverage is months away. But there's no shortage of debate now among Minnesotans who will likely be affected by the proposal.8:41 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Rural Voters Appear Unswayed by Foley Scandal
    The scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley's (R-FL) contact with congressional pages seems to strike at the heart of the Republican campaign on moral values. But the case does not appear to be having an effect on a small group of voters contacted by NPR who consider morality an important political issue.
  • FBI Considers Searching Foley's Office
    The FBI has asked House leaders to secure former Congressman Mark Foley's (R-FL) records. The Justice Department says it has not decided whether it needs to search Foley's office.
  • A Quarterly Scorecard for the Treasury Secretary
    Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has said he'd been assured that he'd have more clout than his two predecessors in the Bush administration. David Wessel, deputy Washington bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, reviews Paulson's record so far.
  • Letters: Strong Response to John Yoo Interview
    A flood of letters arrived after our interview with law professor John Yoo. Many questioned his responses on the rights of people held by the government as suspected terrorists. Others said war requires its own rules.
  • Privacy of IM Chats not Guaranteed
    Rep. Mark Foley has been brought down not by e-mails, but transcripts of instant message (IM) "chats" his underage correspondents saved. Many people haven't thought much about where their IM messages go, and who can read them.
  • Digital Mammogram an Efficient Tool in Cancer Fight
    The mammogram is the first line of defense against breast cancer. Doctors in state-of-the-art facilities are now reading mammograms off computers instead of film. They say it's more efficient and sometimes more effective than film in detecting cancer.
  • Doctors Report Feast and Famine for Flu Vaccines
    Some doctors say they're having a hard time stocking up on flu vaccines, while big pharmacy chains are already advertising October clinics. The CDC says large retailers are cooperating with its pleas to be fair, and that there should be no vaccine shortage this year.
  • Dow Rises Again as Fed Frets About Housing
    The Dow closed at 11,850 Wednesday, inching up an additional 1.1 percent from its all-time high. Transportation and small-cap stocks led the rally.
  • Alliance Talks End Between GM, Renault and Nissan
    There may be no three-way alliance between General Motors, Nissan and Renault -- at least not anytime soon. Talks between the three companies have fallen apart, which doesn't surprise auto analysts.
  • The Global Economy's 'New Argonauts'
    The world economy has created a new class of global engineers. AnnaLee Saxenian, the dean of the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, has written a new book about this group. Deborah Amos talks to her about The New Argonauts.

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