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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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  • Romney Has Mile-High Expectations For Colo. Debate
    President Obama and Mitt Romney are busy rehearsing for their first televised debate Wednesday night. In between practice sessions, Romney hosted a rally in Denver, where he scored the endorsement of ex-Bronco's quarterback John Elway.
  • Colorado's Undecided Voters Are A Hot Election Commodity
    Colorado's nine electoral votes are up for grabs and in a state that is one-third Republican, one-third Democrat and one-third unaffiliated. It's that unaffiliated vote that has the presidential candidates returning to the state again and again.
  • Will Low-Cost Genome Sequencing Open 'Pandora's Box'?
    The prospect of lots of people plunging into their genomes makes many doctors very nervous. Some argue that for most people, genome sequencing could reveal false positives and be a big waste of time and money.
  • Uruguay's Drugs Policy: Regulating Market For Pot
    The tiny South American nation is going where few nations have gone before: It has proposed a law that would put the state in charge of producing and selling marijuana. Officials say that if pot were legal, they could spend more time cracking down on hard drugs.
  • JPMorgan Sued Over Mortgage-Backed Securities
    New York's Attorney General has filed fraud charges against JPMorgan Chase. The civil complaint alleges fraud in the sale of mortgage backed securities in the run up to the 2008 financial crisis. The securities at issue were put together by Bear Stearns, but that firm collapsed and was acquired by JPMorgan.
  • Candidates Say Little On Difficult Issue Of Housing
    Despite millions of troubled mortgages around the country, housing hasn't been a major issue in the presidential race so far. Based on what they have said, President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney have more in common than their rhetoric suggests, an analyst says.
  • Iran's Currency Hits Another Record Low
    Western sanctions, intensified this year by the Obama administration, have been wrecking Iran's economy.
  • Retailers Pay More For Fraud-Related Costs
    The cost of retail fraud is going up. For every dollar of fraudulent merchandise that's bought, retailers have to pay nearly $3 in fraud related costs. There's another price too, one many retailers aren't even aware of.
  • 2013: 'The Year Of The Midsize Sedan Battle'
    Fall is here and that's when automakers roll out their latest models — with new technologies, better fuel efficiency and other bells and whistles. Renee Montagne talks to automotive analyst Michelle Krebs, of, about the new models.
  • $11,000 Machine Offers Exquisite Coffee Experience
    Blossom One is a coffee-maker designed by some folks who've worked for the likes of BMW, Tesla Motors and NASA.The machine has a built-in camera and WIFI.

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