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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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  • Investors Park Cash In Money Market Funds
    Investors are moving their money into safe places fast. Demand for Treasury securities is high and gold prices are shooting up. Many people with funds in money markets are wondering whether they are still safe. Financial experts say they are.
  • AIG And The Trouble With 'Credit Default Swaps'
    After the $85 billion bailout of the global insurer, a question remains: What went wrong? The answer has to do with an obscure form of insurance called a "credit default swap" and an unhappy mixing of old and new approaches to business.
  • McCain Courts Michigan's Working Class Vote
    As Wall Street continued to be rocked by turmoil, the presidential candidates touted economic reforms to voters. Republican John McCain, campaigning in the battleground state of Michigan, told a crowd there he would fight for working people.
  • Obama Campaigns For 16th Time In Nevada
    Barack Obama is counting on economic frustration and rural organizing efforts to help him carry the state of Nevada in November. Appearing in the state's rural northeast, he said his economic plan will lower taxes — and noted that he supports their right to own guns. Wednesday's visit with Obama's 16th trip to Nevada.
  • Congress Gropes With U.S. Financial Crisis
    Members of Congress are mulling their role in the aftermath of this week's turbulence on Wall Street. A consensus is emerging among Democrats that financial markets need more regulation. But in the short term, they're more focused on proposals to — as one put it — bail out the middle class.
  • Learning To Thrive With Attention Deficit Disorder
    Emily Algire earned good grades in elementary school. But by middle school, there were signs that something was wrong. Emily was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. After being coached with specific learning strategies, she is now entering her second year of college with an upbeat attitude and good grades.
  • Anti-Cancer Vaccine A Tough Sell To Parents
    As of late 2007, just a fifth of U.S. girls under the age of 18 had gotten HPV shots, a vaccine that can protect against strains of the human papillomavirus that can cause cervical cancer. Experts blame the delay on questions of sexual activity — and a mistrust of vaccines.
  • Asian Markets Waiting For Next Wall Street Victim
    Markets in Asia reacted Thursday to the big drop in U.S. markets Wednesday by selling shares. After a volatile day, Asian stock indexes fell an average of 2 percent, as investors worried about the next domino to fall on Wall Street.
  • British Bank Buys Rival To Help Calm Jitters
    The British bank Lloyds is buying Halifax Bank of Scotland for $22 billion. European politicians and bankers hope the deal will help ease investors' concern.
  • Ordinary Investors Anxious Over Wall St. Woes
    The financial turmoil on Wall Street has the average investor worried. Hugh Johnson of the money management firm Johnson Illington says he's been getting a high volume of emotional calls lately. Everyone wants to know what's going on with the market, and should they rebalance their portfolios.

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