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Friday, September 14, 2012

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  • Middle East, Economy Dominate Campaign Trail
    President Obama is taking a break from big campaign rallies Friday, while Mitt Romney is stumping for votes outside of Cleveland. On Thursday, both men were on the campaign trail: Romney in Virginia and Obama in Colorado. They were talking mostly about the economy, but also about this week's events in the Middle East.
  • Lawmakers Play Blame Game On Defense Cuts
    Everyone is blaming everyone else for sequestration and the massive defense cuts it entails. Mitt Romney says it was President Obama's brainchild — that's not true. Paul Ryan, in fact, voted for it and praised it at the time.
  • Inciting Outrage, Film Spurs Delicate U.S. Response
    The State Department is mourning those killed in the violence in Libya, while trying to calm the storm the anti-Islamic video has caused — add to that, standing by free-speech principles and facing an ever-skeptical audience in the Arab world.
  • What Anti-Islam Film Says About Free Speech And The 'Heckler's Veto'
    Google took down the YouTube video blamed for inciting Middle East violence — but only in Libya and Egypt. These days, it's often companies, not governments, making these decisions on behalf of millions of people.
  • China Leader's Absence Could Spell Political Trouble
    Rumors still swirling over the absence of China's presumptive leader-in-waiting are being met by official stonewalling. All this comes in the run-up to a crucial Communist Party meeting, where the party's new leader will be named. Now fears are mounting this could get off-track.
  • Ad Advantage May Be Responsible For Obama Bump
    President Obama's post-convention "bump" may have been more about TV ad dollars than Bill Clinton's speech. Advertising trackers at Wesleyan found that the Obama campaign and its allies outspent Romney and his allies 2-to-1 in the battleground states. Among them: Ohio, where Obama's polling lead has widened to the point where a Washington Post political columnist is considering moving the state from "toss-up" to "leans Obama."
  • Next U.S. President Will Face Old Issues In Pakistan
    Pakistan and the U.S. are supposed to be allies, but during President Obama's term in office, relations between the two countries hit rock bottom. Whoever wins the presidential race in November will face many of the same issues that have plagued the two nations for years. But some analysts are saying now is the time for some fresh thinking.
  • Home Depot To Close 7 Stores In China
    Home Depot, the U.S.-based home improvement big box chain, said it will close seven of its stores in China. The company says they're moving away from the "do-it-yourself" model in China.
  • Fed's New Plan Focuses On The Housing Market
    The Federal Reserve is launching a new plan to bolster economic growth. It will begin buying up mortgage-backed securities — $40 billion a month — in a bid to drive down mortgage rates. The Fed said it would continue until it sees unemployment come down.
  • California Online Sales Tax Faces Enforcement Hurdle
    Starting Saturday, California shoppers will begin paying sales tax on more online purchases. It's the eighth state to pass a so-called "Amazon tax," named after the mega e-tailer. But most of the sales tax owed will remain uncollected.

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