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Monday, August 30, 2010

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  • Graft-Fighting Afghan Prosecutor Forced To Retire
    The fight against corruption in the Afghan government has received another setback with the dismissal of a senior justice official for his role in pursuing cases against some of President Karzai's most senior officials.
  • In Afghanistan, Buying Friends Doesn't Buy Loyalty
    Gen. David Petraeus makes fighting corruption a fundamental part of his strategy to turn Afghanistan around. But while he warns his troops about striking financial deals with potentially unreliable allies, the CIA is prosecuting its part of this war by doing exactly that.
  • Flood Waters Begin To Recede In Parts Of Pakistan
    The massive floods that have devastated large areas of Pakistan continue to inundate southern parts of the country. In other areas of the country, the water is receding. Millions of people are displaced and officials are scrambling to provide relief aid.
  • Congo River Pulses Life Into African Nation
    The nearly 3,000-mile Congo River is the backbone of one of Africa's poorest and most conflict-ridden countries. A trip down the riverine highway reveals the often harsh and always colorful realities of life, past and present, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • TV Shows Scale Back On Theme Songs
    "Mad Men" is the winner of a third consecutive Emmy Award as best drama series. The freshman sitcom "Modern Family" won best comedy series award Sunday. This year's Emmy for main title music, went to "Nurse Jackie" on Showtime. That category was almost eliminated from the Emmys this year.
  • Traces Of Katrina: New Orleans Suicide Rate Still Up
    Five years after Hurricane Katrina, trauma and stress still play a part in the emotional lives of New Orleans residents. The evidence: In 2008 and 2009, the suicide rate in Orleans Parish was twice as high as it was the two years before the levees broke.
  • Intel To Buy Infineon's Wireless Operations
    Computer chipmaker Intel is paying nearly $1.5 billion for part of German company Infineon. The division Intel is buying specializes in wireless technology. Intel's CEO said more and more devices were connecting to the Internet, so wireless connectivity is a growth area; an area he wants to be in.
  • Markets 'Worry' Economy Is Running Out Of Steam
    Financial markets have been jumpy all year -- especially so in the last few weeks because of all the gloomy news about the economy. David Wessel of The Wall Street Journal talks to Renee Montagne about the recent activity in the financial markets, and where the economy is headed.
  • Cuba Eases Property Laws
    The government of the Communist nation of Cuba changed its property law last week. Foreign investors may use state-owned land for 99 years. The change was apparently at the suggestion of foreign developers. Some are talking with the government about building golf courses. Golf was once forbidden in Cuba but the government needs money.
  • Obama Promises to Stand By Gulf Coast
    President Obama was in New Orleans Sunday to mark the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The trip focused on the city's struggles and triumphs since the storm and devastating flooding left much of it under water. And the president told residents that help from the government is a long-term commitment.

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