Morning Edition
Morning Edition
Friday, August 24, 2007

Minnesota Public Radio Stories

  • Mayoral dutiesSE Minnesota declared a disaster area
    The declaration releases the Federal Emergency Management Agency to begin registering and helping residents and businesses for disaster relief. The agency will also help with public infrastructure projects like roads and sewers.7:20 a.m.
  • Mirror gameTheater therapy aids autistic kids
    Kids with Asperger's Syndrome have a hard time understanding body language and facial expressions. They tend to avoid physical contact. And they prefer not to make eye contact. A summer camp in Willmar uses acting classes to help.7:50 a.m.

National Public Radio Stories

  • Chertoff Vows Quick Action on Flood Relief
    Floods in the Midwest have claimed at least 26 lives and driven thousands from their homes. In Findlay, Ohio, flood waters rose to seven feet above flood stage. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is promising prompt federal help.
  • Forest Service Faces Rising Firefighting Costs
    Major wildfires have drained manpower and financial resources in several western states. Since 1960, six of the 10 worst fire seasons — counting acres burned — have occurred in the last seven years.
  • California, Nevada Eye Ways to Cut Fire Risks
    The governors of California and Nevada have created a bi-state commission to come up with new ideas for reducing fire risk in the region.
  • Religion, History Shape Iraq's Relationship with Iran
    Iran's relationship with Iraq has always been torn between ties of history, religion and blood — and some of the bitterest hatreds in the Middle East.
  • FDA Suggests New Sunscreen Standards
    The SPF ratings on sunscreens tell you how much protection they provide against UV rays that cause sunburn. Now the FDA also wants companies to say how much their products protect against the UV rays that cause tanning. Those rays damage skin, too.
  • Arizonans, Border Patrol Clash over Checkpoint
    Residents of southern Arizona oppose a Border Patrol plan to build a permanent vehicle checkpoint on Interstate 19, about 30 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border. They say the checkpoint disrupts business and sends illegal immigrants into their communities.
  • Feds Deny Detained Iraqi Was Victim of Profiling
    The U.S. government has expressed regrets and made a $250,000 settlement with an Iraqi refugee who was mistakenly detained and nearly deported in 2003. But the Justice Department denies that the man was the victim of ethnic profiling.
  • In 'Deep Water,' a Sailor Who's Lost His Bearings
    British documentary is disturbing, unnerving and wire-to-wire involving — the story of a dream that got so wildly out of hand that it ensnared the dreamer in an intricate trap of his own creation.
  • Chinese Vow 'War' on Poor Products
    Chinese officials launch a "special war" against poor product quality, pledging improved inspections of slaughterhouses and markets and a crackdown on the use of fake materials. The campaign comes after recalls of millions of toys and other merchandise made in China.
  • Credit Crunch Hits Commercial Sector
    The credit crunch has hit companies that need to borrow money on a short-term basis. The market for so-called commercial paper has tumbled as investors shy away from lending to companies, and flee to the safety of government debt.

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