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Monday, August 1, 2011

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  • Path Ahead For Debt Legislation Remains Uncertain
    After weeks of mounting anxiety and collapsed deals, President Obama and congressional leaders reached an agreement Sunday night to end the debt ceiling crisis. If all goes well, a bill could await Obama's signature Tuesday. But both parties still have concerns about the deal, and its support in Congress will be tested in coming days.
  • A Tea Party Hero's Reputation Changes In Florida
    In the debate over raising the debt ceiling, some Tea Party lawmakers have faced a dilemma. They don't want the country to default on its bills, but risk backlash if they vote on legislation that appears to go against their principles. Rep. Allen West of Florida, a favorite of the movement, now faces such scrutiny. The congressman's vote to raise the ceiling is drawing ire, and some support, back home.
  • Syrian Forces Attack Anti-Government Demonstrations
    In a sharp escalation of violence in Syria, government troops Sunday moved into the central city of Hama, killing dozens, in a bid to regain control of a major hub of the country's opposition movement.
  • Libyan Rebel Leader's Death Spurs Opposition Infighting
    In eastern Libya, gun battles erupted between rival factions of the rebel movement Sunday, in the wake of the killing of the movement's military leader. The battles in Benghazi are bound to set back the rebel drive to oust Moammar Gadhafi.
  • Facing Bankruptcy, R.I. Town Awaits Retirees' Vote
    The small and poor Rhode Island city of Central Falls will likely go into bankruptcy if it can't cut a deal with city workers and pensioners. The receiver running the city gave them two options: take the cuts to pension checks and health care benefits, or risk losing even more in bankruptcy court. Because bankruptcy judges can terminate union contracts, the receiver has warned them: "a haircut looks better than a beheading." Central Falls is expected to announce Monday whether a majority of retirees accepted the cuts or rejected them. Catherine Welch of member station WRNI reports.
  • Can Therapy Help Change Sexual Orientation?
    A debate over the value of conversion therapy has been raging in psychological circles for more than a decade. Two men who underwent the therapy, with vastly different results, share their story. NPR examines the claims.
  • Markets Show Assurance As U.S. Debt Deal Emerges
    Financial markets were up Monday on the news that President Obama reached a deal with congressional leaders to end the impasse over the U.S. debt ceiling. But the markets' relief that the U.S. will be able to pay on its debts and not default may be temporary. Congress still has to approve the deal. Honda meanwhile is putting some positive spin on a rough quarter.
  • Life-Like Mannequins Inspire Real-Life Shoppers
    In a Disney Store in Southern California, displays include playful child-size mannequins that encourage shoppers to interact with the merchandise.
  • What's New At French McDonald's? Baguettes And Jam
    McDonald's will soon offer fresh breakfast baguettes in its McCafes across France, along with locally made artisanal jams. The French are already big consumers of McDonald's fare, but when it comes to lunch, burger sales still pale in comparison to sales of baguette sandwiches.
  • Debt Deal: The White House's Perspective
    President Obama and congressional leaders have settled on a deal to lift the federal debt limit. It involves deep spending cuts but no new taxes. The president said in a statement late Sunday that the compromise did not deliver him the deal he wanted. Congress must still vote on the legislation. Steve Inskeep speaks with David Plouffe, senior adviser to President Obama, on the White House's perspective on the debt deal.

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