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Friday, July 30, 2010

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  • Optimism Revs Up At GM, Chrysler Plants
    President Obama visits GM and Chrysler auto plants in Detroit on Friday to call attention to the successes -- so far -- of the bailed-out companies. A White House report says the industry has added 55,000 jobs, GM will stay open during its usual two-week summer shutdown and Chrysler added another production shift.
  • Is Auto Recovery Here To Stay?
    President Obama on Friday wants to call attention to the successes of the bailed-out companies by visiting automakers in Michigan. Micheline Maynard, who has covered the industry for more than two decades, discusses whether or not the good news in Detroit will last.
  • China's Hidden Economy Of Graft Undermines State
    Behind China's complicated economy exists a vast underground economy of corruption and bribery. A recent case in which an anti-corruption official was convicted of taking bribes -- and now awaits execution -- shows how endemic and open a secret the problem is.
  • Just Buy It: Impulsiveness Tied To Brain Chemical
    From proposing to a loved one to going on a shopping spree, many of life's decisions are guided by the brain chemical dopamine. Scientists now say dopamine might explain why some people are more impulsive than others when it comes to planning and thinking.
  • India: No Country For Old People?
    As India competes in the global economy, new challenges arise for its aging population, who once relied on their children to help them through old age. Morning Edition commentator Sandip Roy explains.
  • A 'Dinner' Invitation You Can Safely Decline
    On paper, Dinner for Schmucks seems to have it all: a star-studded cast that includes reliable funnymen like Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, a veteran comedy director (Jay Roach) at the helm, and a premise lifted from a great French farce. But in reality, Schmucks is much less than the sum of its parts.
  • Disney Sells Miramax
    Miramax will no longer be part of Disney's entertainment empire. The Walt Disney Co. said it has sold the film studio -- famous for offbeat hits like Pulp Fiction -- to an investment company partly run by a construction magnate.
  • Microsoft Bing Cashback Program Ends
    Microsoft is pulling the plug Friday on a program that paid people to use its Bing search engine. The company said it did not see the broad adoption of the search engine that it had hoped for.
  • U.S. Is A Spicier Nation (Literally) Since 1970s
    Americans' spice consumption has grown almost three times as fast as the population in recent decades. Much of that growth is due to the country's changing demographics. Now, flavors that were once exotic and rare are found on the shelves in many groceries.
  • A Marine's Suicide Brings The Battle Home
    When her husband returned from serving in the Marine Corps in Iraq, Mary Gallagher said he seemed fine. Then his suicide crippled the family. They found salvation only when they discovered the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a military support group.

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