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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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  • Karadzic Shuttled To Hague As Supporters Protest
    Former Bosnian Serb president Radovan Karadzic was extradited Wednesday to The Hague, where he will face war crimes charges. Stefan Niksic, a journalist with Nin — an independent weekly in Belgrade — talks with Renee Montagne.
  • Democrats Call For Probe Of EPA Chief's Testimony
    Democratic senators are calling for a perjury investigation into comments made by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The senators claim EPA chief Stephen Johnson lied to Congress and folded under White House pressure on global warming policy.
  • Vermont's Unique Approach To Curbing Energy Use
    In 2000, Vermont created the public consulting firm Efficiency Vermont to help residents and businesses reduce energy use by providing financial aid and expertise. Eight years in, progress is slow but steady.
  • Obama Meets Privately With Party Leaders
    Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama was on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, courting leaders of his party in a closed door meeting.
  • Food Scares Pack Financial Punch
    When the Food and Drug Administration issues an advisory about contaminated food, consumers listen — like with the salmonella scare that was blamed on tomatoes. When the problem is solved or the culprit turns out to be something else, it can take months or years for consumers to trust that food again.
  • Three Nice Things We Can Say About Mosquitoes
    Science writer David Quammen revisits his effort to say a few nice things about mosquitoes. But to agree with him, you'll need to be generous and open-minded -- and dabbed with a little repellent.
  • Bennigan's Closes, Files For Bankruptcy Protection
    Bennigan's, the chain that brought Irish-styled taverns to suburban America, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, along with its sister chain, Steak and Ale. About 200 locations have already closed, taking many customers and employees by surprise.
  • Los Angeles Limits New Fast Food Restaurants
    The Los Angeles City Council imposed a moratorium on new fast food franchises in south L.A., where healthy dining choices are slim and obesity among young children is a growing problem.
  • Dollar Takes Quarter Pounding In 'Big Mac Index'
    The Economist magazine compares the cost of a McDonald's Big Mac around the world to calculate what exchange rates should be and finds that major currencies are overvalued against the dollar. Correspondent John O'Sullivan explains the latest "Big Mac Index."
  • Airline Offers 5-Minute Showers
    Renee Montagne has today's Last Word in business.

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