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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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  • Ghani Blames Afghan Government For Corruption
    Afghan presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani calls himself "a man of the people." Once the country's finance minister, he now says the current government is to blame for widespread corruption. He says Afghanistan faces a choice between "consolidation of corruption, or a reform system."
  • Frugal Norway Stays Afloat Amid Economic Crisis
    Unlike almost every other country in the West, Norway remains relatively unscathed by the worst financial crisis in decades. While most nations spent during boom years, Norway saved. Today, housing prices are rising, interest rates are low, and frugal management of income from Norway's huge oil and natural gas reserves have helped the country build one of the world's biggest investment funds.
  • Hum Along With Male Plainfin Midshipman Fish
    It's time for another installment in our occasional series Wild Sounds — short stories that take you to remote parts of the world to hear the sounds of rare animals. Biologist Andy Bass of Cornell University explains what makes the plainfin midshipman fish hum.
  • Testimony: Sens. Conrad, Dodd Told Of VIP Loans
    Two leading Democratic senators are denying allegations by a former loan officer, who says he told the senators they were getting VIP deals on mortgages. Senators Christopher Dodd and Kent Conrad say testimony by the loan officer before the Senate Ethics Committee vary sharply with their recollections.
  • Cold Beer Could Tamp Down Uproar Over Arrest
    President Obama, professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sergeant James Crowley are expected to meet for a beer at the White House tomorrow. A White House spokesman says the president wants to take the heat out of the controversy sparked by the arrest of the Harvard black scholar.
  • If He Hollers: Remembering Chester Himes
    Chester Himes' pen name was his prison number — 59623. He did hard labor on a prison chain gang and wrote hard-nosed detective fiction. One hundred years after Himes was born, commentator John Ridley remembers a life that personified hard-boiled.
  • Microsoft, Yahoo Announce Internet Search Deal
    Years of back and forth negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo are over. The two announced an Internet seach partnership on Wednesday. The agreement gives Microsoft access to Yahoo, which is the Internet's second-largest search engine. The move could help Microsoft in its attempt to unseat Google as the No. 1 search engine.
  • Home Prices In June Show Increase
    The government reports new home sales rose markedly last month, compared to May. It was the largest monthly increase in more than eight years, and it is raising hopes that the housing market is beginning to recover.
  • As Beer Tax Rises, It's Last Call For Many British Pubs
    Changing consumer tastes, a two-year-old smoking ban and the deepening economic recession have hit pubs hard. But for thousands, the death blow has been dealt by rising government taxes on beer. The British Beer and Pub Association says an average of 52 pubs are closing each week.
  • Ancient Yeast Adds Flavor To Today's Ale
    Some U.S. breweries offer beers made with yeasts that are millions of years old. The molecules have been unearthed from archeological finds, deconstructed and then rebrewed.

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